Baby Watch 2015

I’m still 4 days away from my due date, but to say that I’m anxious to meet this boy is an understatement! Every twinge of my tummy makes me think I’m in labor but so far nothin’!

The girls and I took advantage of the 70 degree weather today and went downtown to King Street for their 2nd Sunday event. They shut King Street down for traffic so there’s tons of people, musicians, dogs and babies roaming the street. So fun!

Today was also a lesson in what and what not to say to a pregnant lady (both happened to me):
“You look so beautiful! And you aren’t even swollen!”
“WHOA that girl’s pregnant!”
In the past couple days I have done the following to try to get this labor started:
1. Lots of walks
2. Spicy dinners
3. Dancing every time Uptown Funk comes on the radio
4. Bouncing on my exercise ball
5. And yesterday I ate an entire pineapple because I heard that helps

I know I should be patient and enjoy relaxing and sleeping. I’m trying, I’m trying! It’s funny how you can wait a whole 9 months but then the last week seems like torture!

Weekend Day Trips: Beaufort and Edisto Island

I’m not sure if it was the beautiful warm weather, or the fact that I work from home most of the week, but I was itching to get out of town this weekend. Plus there are so many places around Charleston that we have yet to explore! It is my duty to explore these places in case you come to visit us so I can truly offer you all of the activities the lowcountry possesses πŸ™‚

The girls and I had two options for our Saturday trip – Beaufort or Georgetown, SC. We flipped a coin and Beaufort was the winner. It’s about a hour and a half drive south from Charleston which is perfect for a day trip. Beaufort is a really cute, southern town that is about 40 years older than Charleston. It’s right on the water so you get the beautiful views, Spanish moss, large mansions and southern charm that you get from Charleston, but on a smaller, quieter scale. It was lovely – we absolutely loved it there!

IMG_5169 IMG_5170 IMG_5174

We spent our day in Beaufort wandering the residential streets, shopping on Bay Street, strolling through the waterfront park, stopping at the Chocolate TreeΒ and eating a delicious lunch at Lowcounty Produce. How cute is the inside of this little restaurant?


We had an awesome day in Beaufort and would definitely recommend visiting this cute town if you’re ever in the area!

On Sunday, Ryan and I packed up the pups and headed south once again, but this time for Edisto Island. Edisto Island is only 45 minutes or so away from Charleston and the drive through the rural roads is beautiful! I didn’t know much about Edisto, but I had heard that people vacation there for the beach, so I wanted to check it out because it’s relatively close to where we live. We were only there for a short time, but from what we could tell there are some great kayaking spots and the beach is really beautiful! The dogs had the best morning playing in the waves (Sam kept eating the sea foam so he looked like he had a beard) and there was a group of dolphins swimming along side us while we walked the nice, flat beach.

IMG_5183 IMG_5179 IMG_5176

We know how lucky we are to live down here with 60 degree weather in January and beaches and cute towns to visit only a short time away, but this weekend really solidified it again! We just love it here!

Life at 36

We hit the 36 week mark today!


I had a great doctor’s appointment this morning and everything with this baby boy is looking good! Definitely more sore, definitely waddling – but for being this far along I’m pretty happy with how things are going. I usually only wake up once a night and can usually fall back asleep pretty quickly so I’m thankful for that. I guess we’re just playing a weird waiting game now…a game where you wait to pee your pants and experience the worst pain of your life. Any positive vibes you can send my way for a quick, easy delivery would be much appreciated!

Besides installing the car seat, we are as ready as we can be for this baby’s arrival. Everything else is set up, hospital bag is packed and we’re ready to go! I had my first true craving today on the way home from the doctor (like “I can’t wait one more second for this”) and it was for a fountain Coke and it was everything I could have hoped it would be. I’m running out of time before I deem 10am Cokes and breakfast brownies unacceptable, so I will give into these cravings any chance they appear for the time being.

The kid changing my oil in my car today said something along the lines of, “I totally give you props. If I was in your position, I wouldn’t be able to move.” Uhhh….thanks? I then went to the bank where they were totally complimentary and overly positive about how I look, in which I thought, “We are never switching banks”.

In non-baby news:

It’s been grey, rainy and chilly here all week. Luckily it looks like it’s going to warm up this weekend to around 60 and we’ll finally get some sunshine! Although these boys love snuggling, I think they are ready for some warmer weather.


Tonight is our first volunteering night with Chance and hospice patients in South Carolina. I think he’s ready to get back into it – he’s such a love bug! I really hope some day Sammy will be able to volunteer too. Right now he’s still got that chip on his shoulder, but I think he’s starting to grow out of it.

Lastly, it’s one of my favorite times of year for holiday candy! Whoop whoop!


Now if only I didn’t eat almost half the bag yesterday…oops.

Christmas House

Happy Christmas Eve from our Christmas house!









It’s another quiet Christmas at our house this year. Traveling at 8 months pregnant just did not sound enjoyable so we opted to stay home again for the holidays. While Ryan’s been working today, I’ve been at home listening to my Pandora Christmas stations, drinking my favorite decaf Dunkin Donuts coffee and making these Peppermint Oreo Truffles. OMG.

They might be the best holiday treat ever because they are so sweet and rich that you really can only eat one (as opposed to the two cookies I’ve been scarfing down at a time).

Tonight we are grabbing sushi with our neighbors who are also family-less for Christmas which is turning in to a pretty fun tradition. Then I’ll probably snuggle my husband in front of the fire and watch a movie while he drinks delicious wine and I sip on sparkling cider. Quiet and cozy makes for a sweet Christmas Eve πŸ™‚


Lost Dogs

If you know Folly Beach, then you probably know the Lost Dog Cafe. Super cute little beach restaurant with delicious food and pictures of dogs plastered all over the walls.

After our first visit, I knew I had to get my boys on the wall of fame. Ta-da! They even got a prime location right next to the bathroom line for maximum viewing.


Just another brush with fame for our favorite lost dogs! I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t go to their big bulldog heads…

A Weekend Recap in Pictures

We could not have crammed more into this weekend if we tried!

Friday night was a Christmas movie marathon night. On the docket was Love Actually, A Muppet Family Christmas, (a Scholz must-watch for the holiday season), and White Christmas.

Saturday morning I was feeling muffin-y so I whipped up some mixed berry muffins using my go-to-McCleary Approved recipe.
After breakfast we headed consignment furniture shopping for Bec and Kelly’s new townhouse. We had a ton of luck and got them almost everything they need!

After lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant and moving their furniture in, we went to pick out our Christmas tree. We stopped at this cute tree stand…


But after hearing their prices, bought our tree here:


We spent the rest of the night stringing up lights outside and decorating our tree. Ryan specifically requested tinsel this year and expertly placed each strand πŸ™‚


This morning Ryan and I went to brunch and took the dogs on a chilly walk at the beach. I did some more decorating (which I’ll post about this week) and then the girls and I headed downtown for the Charleston Christmas parade. So cute and fun!



When we came home we started our Christmas baking (coconut macaroons, sugar cookies, Andes Mint cookies and toffee) and warmed up with this sausage, potato and spinach soup:


PS: If you aren’t decorating your sugar cookies with red hots, you’re doing it wrong.


PPS: I’m feeling too lazy to link up the recipes in this post so if you want any of them, post a comment and I’ll reply with the link. Have a great week!

C&T Take on Charleston

After a tearful goodbye at the airport curbside drop off, my parents’ Southern adventure is officially over. We had so much fun and were so busy exploring and eating our way through Charleston! Here’s some of my favorite pictures from their time here.

Getting to know Charleston via foot and mule travel:




Yappy Hour at the dog park:


Kayaking with the dolphins on Shem Creek:




And visiting Magnolia Plantation:



These were just the few activities that I actually took pictures of! If you are traveling to the area and need some recommendations on what to do/where to eat, let me know!

24th Birthday

The great thing about yesterday was being able to celebrate my sister Becca’s 24th birthday with her. The very best thing though is that Becca and her friend Kelly moved down here this week to live for good!! They are staying with us until they find jobs and a place of their own and so far it’s been super fun having them around. Here’s how we celebrated by sweet, funny sister yesterday:

With a breakfast of Ryan’s scrambled eggs, fruit salad, mimosas for the girls, and these cute birthday donuts!



We then hit the Johns Island Farmers Market for a quick stroll and then the incredible Angel Oak Tree for some birthday photo opps:




Next up was a trip to the Irvin-House Vinyards and Firefly Distillery . The grounds of this place were just picture-perfect cute and the girls were able to taste a ton of different kinds of wine, moonshine, vodka, rum and liquor. So much fun even for someone who wasn’t able to taste anything!





Lunch at JB’s Smokeshack, dinner at Hominy Grill and funfetti angel food cake for dessert at home and her birthday was complete:


Here’s hoping to many more birthdays to celebrate with my sister in Charleston! Happy birthday Bec! I love you so much!