A 1st Birthday

Well almost a week later, here I am finally posting about Miles’ birthday! Ryan and I both started new jobs which means I’m usually up by 5:30 every day trying to get work done before the boys wake up. Every day is a balancing act of getting my hours in and then taking care of my kids, my house, and all of my normal things I have to do. And on top of that, Ryan’s been working long hours too so it’s been a busy couple of weeks!

But of course we took time to celebrate our baby boy’s first birthday! His actual party is this Sunday so on his birthday it was just the four of us (+ Chance!) and it was kind of great. He had a great morning at school and came home to take a long birthday nap. We ate pasta and meatballs (this kid seriously can’t eat enough meat!) and let him dig into some cake. 

Guess Who Is Turning 1!

This cutie boy turns 1 on Friday!

I’ve been feeling nostalgic about this little guy and our fast year together so here are some of my favorite pictures from Miles’ first year of life!  There are so many, maybe I’ll do a “Part 2” tomorrow! (PS: He’s a MUCH easier kid again! Sleeping great, having perfect days at school, being less clingy to me. Must have just been a phase!)

Emmett – 2.5

A little update on our Emmett is long overdue! I asked him some questions last night about his favorites and here’s what he said:

Favorite Color: Purple and red

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Things to Eat: Eggs and Toast (but honestly, he’s kind of on an egg strike and just eats 4 pieces of toast)

Favorite Song: The Goldfish Song by Laurie Berkner who he is obsessed with! 

Best Friend: Nora

Favorite Show: Sesame Street

Emmett’s vocab finally exploded. His favorite things to say are “No way”, “That’s Amazing”, “What’s That”, “wait a minute” and “Emmett do it”/”Emmett’s turn”

He really is so much fun to be around. It’s amazing watching him grow up!

11 Months

Well, here I am, 8 days late, writing Miles’ monthly post. Between a sick baby, a new job and the first couple weeks of school, I just kept putting this off! Sorry buddy! Since it’s almost 10:30 and I’m dying to go to sleep, I thought I’d just jot down some of the things this sweetie boy loves and hates (believe me – he has some STRONG opinions!)

Loves: His mom, eating real food (especially meat), climbing stairs, animals, Sesame Street, Laurie Berkner songs,  his mom, Emmett and his antics, blueberries, opening up drawers and cabinets, magnets, Chance, taking a bath, sucking his thumb, doing this funny trick where he tries to blow you away (hard to explain), working on his walking, and  babbling. Oh, and his mom. 

Hates: School, bottles, formula, when his brother takes his toys, anyone who is not his mom (just kidding but it seems like it some days!), being away from his mom. 

Notice a pattern here? Our sweet, cuddly boy is giving us a run for our money lately! I’ve gotten him into some bad habits because they just seemed easier at the time. So now we’ve got to try to break them! Wish us luck! 

Scenes from Irma

We survived Tropical Storm Irma yesterday with no water damage, no tornados, and no loss of power! We actually kind of had a fun day! Bec and Kelly slept over and we watched the news, ate snacks, drank wine, and huddled in the hallway during the tornado warning until Chance farted, haha! 

The pond behind our house got very high (one of our neighbors had a gator in her backyard!) and our street corner flooded a little. Downtown Charleston was rocked but everything has dried out today. We were all very lucky! 

Total Eclipse

We were so so lucky today to see the complete and total eclipse here in Charleston! It was truly amazing and so fun to watch with our neighbors. We ate Moon Pies, listened to an eclipse playlist, and nerded out in our glasses. And it was during nap time so we didn’t have to worry about baby eyes getting scorched by the sun! It was dark like night for about a minute and a half and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. What a day!

This cutie had two Moon Pies today and loved every bite. Obviously!

10 Months

Our giggly, smiley, vocal, cuddly boy is 10 months old today!

He has 8 (!) teeth, loves to eat pretty much everything, and still dislikes the bottle and formula (ugh).

Miles can stand on his own and has started walking using his push toy.

He’s pretty mama-obsessed, but has gotten really good at playing independently and especially loves our toys with ramps.

He’s super chatty and is definitely vocal when he doesn’t want to do something or if something gets taken away from him! He for sure has an opinion now and it’s so fun to see his personality.

Happy 10 months in the world sweet boy!