Emmett – 2.5

A little update on our Emmett is long overdue! I asked him some questions last night about his favorites and here’s what he said:

Favorite Color: Purple and red

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Things to Eat: Eggs and Toast (but honestly, he’s kind of on an egg strike and just eats 4 pieces of toast)

Favorite Song: The Goldfish Song by Laurie Berkner who he is obsessed with! 

Best Friend: Nora

Favorite Show: Sesame Street

Emmett’s vocab finally exploded. His favorite things to say are “No way”, “That’s Amazing”, “What’s That”, “wait a minute” and “Emmett do it”/”Emmett’s turn”

He really is so much fun to be around. It’s amazing watching him grow up!

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