11 Months

Well, here I am, 8 days late, writing Miles’ monthly post. Between a sick baby, a new job and the first couple weeks of school, I just kept putting this off! Sorry buddy! Since it’s almost 10:30 and I’m dying to go to sleep, I thought I’d just jot down some of the things this sweetie boy loves and hates (believe me – he has some STRONG opinions!)

Loves: His mom, eating real food (especially meat), climbing stairs, animals, Sesame Street, Laurie Berkner songs,  his mom, Emmett and his antics, blueberries, opening up drawers and cabinets, magnets, Chance, taking a bath, sucking his thumb, doing this funny trick where he tries to blow you away (hard to explain), working on his walking, and  babbling. Oh, and his mom. 

Hates: School, bottles, formula, when his brother takes his toys, anyone who is not his mom (just kidding but it seems like it some days!), being away from his mom. 

Notice a pattern here? Our sweet, cuddly boy is giving us a run for our money lately! I’ve gotten him into some bad habits because they just seemed easier at the time. So now we’ve got to try to break them! Wish us luck! 

Scenes from Irma

We survived Tropical Storm Irma yesterday with no water damage, no tornados, and no loss of power! We actually kind of had a fun day! Bec and Kelly slept over and we watched the news, ate snacks, drank wine, and huddled in the hallway during the tornado warning until Chance farted, haha! 

The pond behind our house got very high (one of our neighbors had a gator in her backyard!) and our street corner flooded a little. Downtown Charleston was rocked but everything has dried out today. We were all very lucky!