Emmett’s First Haircut

Goldilocks got his first hair cut today! Dad took him to his barber and both boys got their hair did. 

I didn’t realize how bad he needed a haircut until he got one! Love our handsome little kid!

Total Eclipse

We were so so lucky today to see the complete and total eclipse here in Charleston! It was truly amazing and so fun to watch with our neighbors. We ate Moon Pies, listened to an eclipse playlist, and nerded out in our glasses. And it was during nap time so we didn’t have to worry about baby eyes getting scorched by the sun! It was dark like night for about a minute and a half and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. What a day!

This cutie had two Moon Pies today and loved every bite. Obviously!

10 Months

Our giggly, smiley, vocal, cuddly boy is 10 months old today!

He has 8 (!) teeth, loves to eat pretty much everything, and still dislikes the bottle and formula (ugh).

Miles can stand on his own and has started walking using his push toy.

He’s pretty mama-obsessed, but has gotten really good at playing independently and especially loves our toys with ramps.

He’s super chatty and is definitely vocal when he doesn’t want to do something or if something gets taken away from him! He for sure has an opinion now and it’s so fun to see his personality.

Happy 10 months in the world sweet boy! 

I always want to remember…

How much you two love taking baths together!

And Emmett, how you like to assign each of you either the “bear” (pronounced like you’re from Boston) or the “fishhhhhh” when it’s time to dry off.  It’s usually “Baby Fish” “Emmett Bear”. 

Yes, that is a hot dog bun Emmett is eating! 


Gosh, I am the worst blogger! Even now when the house is quiet, all I have the energy to do is post some pictures. So here you go! Our life lately…

First spaghetti experience!

Lots of beach time:

And just other cute pictures of my kids!