Lake Murray

Our sweet friends Kevin and MaryBeth invited us up to Kevin’s family home on Lake Murray this weekend (just past Columbia). They have a toddler Nora and a baby, Sophie. With four adults, two toddlers and two babies, it was a wild weekend but so fun! The kids all played really great together and we had a hot, sunny day so we spent a lot of time cruising around the lake on the boat and swimming. Don’t worry, there are no gators that far north! 

All of the kids randomly packed teal outfits for the boat, haha!


Our basketball obsessed kid has a new favorite sport! We went to Play it Again Sports on Friday and got Emmett real baseball gear and of course we had to go test it out! 

Athletic supporters:

9 Months

Well that was about the fastest month ever! Miles is 9 months old today! 

He had a great 9 month old check-up where we learned he is “perfectly proportioned”.

Miles loves to eat solid foods and chows down on everything we give him. Today he enjoyed veggie eggs and toast and ice cream.

He can also drink out of a Camelback water bottle! (Remember all of Emmett’s problems with sippy cups??)

Miles is super vocal and says mama and dada. He loves to swim in the pool and take baths with his brother. He gets so excited once I get the water running that he is practically clawing his way into the tub! 

Speaking of clawing…Miles has a habit of pinching, smacking, and biting me especially – all out of love though! He just gets so excited! Plus it seems like his whole row of top teeth are coming in at once so you can’t really blame him for wanting to chew on something.

Probably our biggest milestone this month is that Miles is crawling! Today he even crawled up a stair at the library during storytime. He pulls himself up and loves to work on his balance. 

I’ve switched Miles to one nap a day and it’s been amazing. He takes a nice long nap with his brother in the afternoon and I get some time to myself. 

Miles is a thumb sucker, a mamas boy, and the cuddliest little snuggler there ever was. You are something else little love! Sorry for kissing your cheeks all day long. 

Minnesota Trip Leg 2

Y’all, I am having the best day ever. I did actual work today and had a really successful meeting (did I ever mention that I’m the Events Coordinator for Charleston Moms Blog?) took my sweet boys to the splash pad (who are now on hour 3 of their nap) made a delish lunch, sent emails, and baked zucchini bread. And Bec and Kelly are coming over tonight to watch The Bachelorette and eat Thai takeout since Ryan’s out of town. Since I I have a couple more minutes to myself, I realized I needed to post pictures of our 2nd week in Minnesota! There are a lot of them. You’ve been warned.

We started our week up North with a trip to a brewery where our little bruiser bit it hard, haha. 

We spent a night at Heidi and Eric’s cabin and took a fun pantoon ride.

Then it was on to Breezy Point to celebrate Nana Carrie’s 60th birthday!

We got to spend a fun day with our extended family on Sunday…

And then spent the rest of the week back at Breezy! We had so much fun just being together.

But we also did a ton of activities including a lot of time at the beach…

Nisswa for Turtle Races (check out Emmett’s reaction, haha!)

And mini golfing! Which Emmett loved!

We made so many memories and ate so much ice cream. Just the best kind of week! 

4th of July

Hope you had a great day yesterday! After 3 weeks in Minnesota, we got home on Saturday night (3am!), spent Sunday recovering and spent Monday getting organized (read: buying all of the groceries!). So for the 4th yesterday we had a low-key pool party which was the perfect amount of fun and calmness.

We packed up the kids and headed to Sunrise Park to watch fireworks overlooking the Charleston Harbor. Despite the hot, humid weather, the park on the water had a glorious ocean breeze. We were able to see fireworks from multiple towns including the big show over the Ravenel Bridge. 

Emmett belted out “Twinkle Twinkle” the entire display. Sorry people sitting next to us!