Minnesota Trip: Leg 1

We’ve had two really fun weeks in Minnesota and we’ve done so much! Our first leg of the trip was spent in the cities with Ryan’s family. 

We spend a fun weekend at the lake with Grandma Carol, Auntie Laura, Uncle Eric and Auntie Heidi…

And then we went to Sioux Falls for the day to visit Great Grandma Elster (who is 96!)

Then we were off to Grandpa Jim and Grandma Barb’s for a couple days where we had a cousin pool party…

And celebrated “Jim Day”! (A birthday/Father’s Day combo party)

I even got to see my girlfriends when we met up at a little kids concert in the park…

And check out our friend Nelly’s awesome new art gallery (and his cool basement that Emmett was in love with!)

All that and that was just the first 7 days of our trip!

Father’s Day (a little late!)

We are having such a great time on our Minnesota vacation that obviously blogging has gone by the wayside. I’d hate to pass Father’s Day though without posting a couple of my favorite pictures of Ryan and our boys from our trip!

Me and the boys hit the dad jackpot with Ryan. He’s steady, fun, patient, and loves his boys (who I’m sure are going to grow up to be his best buddies!) Emmett especially can’t get enough of his dad, and I can’t either! Happy Father’s Day to our favorite person! 

8 Months

Miles is 8 months old today and we get to celebrate in Minnesota with our families!

He has two teeth and loves eating real food – especially scrambled eggs and hummus! He took his first boat ride the other day and obviously experienced his first plane ride too this month. 

He loves to stand up and bounce his knees. 
If we are being honest, the last couple days since we’ve been in Minnesota have been kind of rough. He’s *this close* to crawling so this development phase is making him pretty whiny, clingy (to me) and giving him a hard time falling asleep. It’s like he can’t turn his brain off. He woke up 3 times last night (which he hasn’t done since he was a newborn) and every time I looked at him, he was doing push-ups. He just can’t stop thinking about crawling – even in the middle of the night! I’m hoping tonight is better for both of us! 

We sure love you baby boy! Even if we miss out on some sleep 🙂 Just please please please go back to your regular, chill, good-sleeping self soon!

Minnesota Day 1

Well we made it! Our flight left Charleston yesterday morning at 5:30am (which meant we were up by 3:45) and after a stop in Chicago we landed in MN around 9:30. Flying with our two little guys was definitely not perfect but it wasn’t horrible either. 

Thankfully Miles slept on both flights and after running the aisle on the first flight, Emmett was able to sleep on the second one. 

Last night we met up with some of our friends at Lake Harriet – including our old buddy Louie who we met in Charleston!

And my best friend Mary’s boy Thomas!

The boys had so much fun running around together! 

It was such a beautiful night for catching up with old friends.