Last Day of School

Today was my big boy’s last day of school! Waaaaahhhh!!! Look how much he has changed since last fall!

(His teachers gave him these shades as a present and he wore them all morning!)

He has grown so much in the past school year! He was barely talking last fall and now he is starting to say short sentences and loves to sing! He made so many great friends and his teachers were so sweet to him. 

He brought his teachers flowers today. Watching him carry them the hallway to his classroom was a total heartbreaker. 

We just couldn’t have asked for a better year. Here’s his little end of the year report card!

To celebrate his last day of school we played at the Splash Pad with his buddy Connor from his class.

I feel so lucky that Emmett is able to attend such an amazing little school! Now the real fun begins…! Both boys home with me all summer! Yikes!


One thought on “Last Day of School

  1. Melts my heart…blink three times and he’ll be going to kindergarten!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    Hugs, Shirley

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