Harlem Globetrotters 

Yesterday we took our basketball obsessed Emmett to go see the Harlem Globetrotters! I thought it would either go really well or pretty bad (like he would get scared or get mad because he couldn’t get on the court). He was totally enthralled the whole time! It was during his usual nap time so he was pretty tired but he kept his little eyes glued to the court the whole time. All of us adults  (Ryan, Bec, Kelly and our sweet neighbor Anna) had a great time too! You really have to be a jack of all trades to be a Globetrotter: funny, an actor, a good dancer, AND be good at basketball! 

Here’s what E wore to the show:

Some pictures from the show:

A giant beer about the size of my baby:

Ryan was an awesome Dad and took Emmett to buy a Globetrotters basketball during half time and he held onto that thing the rest of the game!

But probably the best part of the game was when the started playing The Circle of Life from the Lion King and came and picked Miles out of the audience and held him up like Baby Simba! So funny! He was so chill during the whole thing – just cool as a cucumber!

Such a fun afternoon that wore our little guy out!

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