Weekend Recap

Happy Monday morning! We had a really busy, fun weekend with Grandma Carol. We were definitely feeling it last night! We were so exhausted by the time we dropped Carol off at the airport that Ryan and I could have gone to bed at 7:30 last night. Emmett on the other hand was was NOT sleepy. Oh the joy of having kids! 🙂

The zoo on Friday was our big activity for her trip but we also went to Magnolia Plantation on Saturday.


Unfortunately, we had a night last week where the temperature got below freezing so a lot of the beautiful flowers that  usually adorn the garden were dead. It’s still a gorgeous place to walk around, but please, if you come to visit Charleston and are only going to go to one plantation, visit McCleod Plantation. Going to Magnolia on Saturday really reminded me how it feels like a tourist trap and how they nickel and dime you for all of the various tours you can take. Okay, off my soap box now….

Yesterday we worked on our garden (we had to replant our peppers and tomatoes because of said frost that killed them last week) and went to our favorite place, Smokey Oak for lunch.


Look at all of those beautiful blue eyes!

Hey – by the way – my friend Emelia asked me to do a guest post on her blog Everything Emelia! She and her husband Nolan are moving from Minnesota to Cincinnati and she had some questions for me about making the move from Minnesota to Ohio. Check out my post and subscribe to Emelia’s blog to follow along on her exciting new adventure!

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