5 Months

Miles is 5 months old today! He celebrated by catching his brother’s cold, wah wah…

Luckily he’s starting to feel better but we spent this morning rocking in the hamock.

(His head might be bigger than mine!)

As a side note, I took this aerial shot of our house today. This is what 4 days of sick kids will do. See that in the bottom right of the picture? Yeah…that’s a dirty diaper. Just hanging out on the floor. 

Back to Miles at 5 months! He’s definitely rolling over with ease now from is back to his stomach. He hasn’t figured out how to flip back over from his tummy though so I often get woken up in the middle of the night because he is stuck!

He loves looking at himself of the mirror…

And working on his standing!

He is super chatty and actually a pretty loud baby! It’s not because he’s crying though – he just likes to make noise! He still loves chewing on his hands and sucking his thumb and he’s actually gotten a lot better about drinking out of a bottle. 

He found his toes this month and loves to grab them when he’s laying on his back. 

I think that’s it for this month! Here are some other random pictures I’ve taken lately.

PS: My latest post for Charleston’s Mom Blog is up today! It’s all about one of my favorite holidays, St Patrick’s Day! 

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