Raisinet Cookies

Daylight Savings really jacks a family up. Of course I’ve been up since 7am (thanks breastfeeding) but my boys are still sounds asleep and it’s 9:30. Lucky for them I’ve got an egg bake and bacon in the oven to wake up for soon. We’re in for a cold, rainy day here in Charleston and I hear that MN is expecting snow so I thought I’d share these cookies I made last week. 

I wanted to bake some cookies with Emmett the other night but we didn’t have a full bag of chocolate chips. So I improvised and made our favorite oatmeal raisin cookies with half raisins and half chocolate chips. Behold – the raisinet cookie was invented. I’m so clever! (I hope you are reading this in a sarcastic voice – I know this is not a groundbreaking idea haha). They were so good though that when Ryan brought a container of them to class, his class recorded a video of themselves saying “thank you” to me. Embarrassing! If you need something cozy to do today, make these! 

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