I forgot to tell you something pretty funny about Emmett in yesterday’s post. He’s been calling me Bob instead of Mom! One day Ryan was quizzing him on the names of all of the members of our family. He said “Chnce” for Chance, “Mmmmy” for Miles and “Da” for dad. When he got to me he clearly said “Bob!” Haha! We all think it’s pretty funny and Ryan definitely encourages him to call me Bob (which I think is pretty cute actually). Case and point: I wrote all of our names on the chalkboard and Ryan replaced the M’s with B’s 🙂

Emmett wanted to help me wash the dishes and he started pushing the chair over to the sink so he could reach. I explained to him that he had to ask me first if he could help. I said “Emmett say, Mom, dishes please” and he said “Bob…”! It was so funny. 

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