Emmett at 2

You guys, this kid is full of personality. I love watching him grow up! He’s starting to talk and has actual friends that he loves to play with. He’s so cuddly and thinks his dad is the coolest/most fun/best person in the world. I thought I’d fill in a little questionnaire so I can always remember Emmett as his 2 year old self!

Favorite food: Without a doubt, PB&J! He’s obsessed. His second favorite food is toast. He has a carb problem haha! 

Favorite Show: Sesame Street (that’s really the only kids show we watch around here)

Favorite Movie: Elmo’s Potty Time (haha!) He is entranced every time and sings the theme song. It’s so dang cute. Here he is watching Potty Time:

Favorite Toy: Balls. All of the balls. Specifically, playing basketball at our neighbor’s hoop. He has a meltdown at least once a day because I won’t let him stand out there for hours. 

He received a Target Gift card for his birthday so I took him to go pick something out. We walked the toy aisles and of course it was all over once we found the basketballs!
Favorite fruit: blackberries and blueberries

Favorite stuffed animal: two way tie between monkey and Elmo! I think monkey would win though if he has to choose 🙂

Favorite song: I don’t think he has one yet! He loves when his dad plays guitar and sings and he loves to dance when we listen to the Raffi station on Pandora. I taught him the hokey pokey last week and he thinks that’s pretty hilarious (especially when you put your head in)!

Favorite Book: Toot and Please Mr. Panda

Best Friends: Coco and Connor at school 

I can’t get enough of this kid! He has his moments but overall, he really gets sweeter and funnier by the day!

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