Mom Truths

I wasn’t going to have any wine tonight but then a certain baby projectile puked all down my back and I decided yeah…I’m going to need that wine.

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday morning! We had a really busy, fun weekend with Grandma Carol. We were definitely feeling it last night! We were so exhausted by the time we dropped Carol off at the airport that Ryan and I could have gone to bed at 7:30 last night. Emmett on the other hand was was NOT sleepy. Oh the joy of having kids! πŸ™‚

The zoo on Friday was our big activity for her trip but we also went to Magnolia Plantation on Saturday.


Unfortunately, we had a night last week where the temperature got below freezing so a lot of the beautiful flowers thatΒ  usually adorn the garden were dead. It’s still a gorgeous place to walk around, but please, if you come to visit Charleston and are only going to go to one plantation, visit McCleod Plantation. Going to Magnolia on Saturday really reminded me how it feels like a tourist trap and how they nickel and dime you for all of the various tours you can take. Okay, off my soap box now….

Yesterday we worked on our garden (we had to replant our peppers and tomatoes because of said frost that killed them last week) and went to our favorite place, Smokey Oak for lunch.


Look at all of those beautiful blue eyes!

Hey – by the way – my friend Emelia asked me to do a guest post on her blog Everything Emelia! She and her husband Nolan are moving from Minnesota to Cincinnati and she had some questions for me about making the move from Minnesota to Ohio. Check out my post and subscribe to Emelia’s blog to follow along on her exciting new adventure!

Riverbanks Zoo Day

We are almost home from a really fun day at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia! It’s about a two hour drive from Charleston but it was a really nice big zoo (and it was a beautiful day!) so it was totally worth it. 

Emmett loved feeding the giraffe and the goats!

The zoo even has a gorgeous botanical garden!

It’s so fun taking Emmett to things like this now because he’s totally in to it. And Miles was a little angel baby just smiling the whole time and along for the ride.

Easter Decor

I love decorating my little sofa table for the holidays. Since Ryan’s mom is coming in town today, I thought I’d get it all set up for Easter! Thanks to my mom, I have some pretty cute decorations to put up! Some blush colored carnations from the grocery store make it feel so springy! The 60 degree weather outside helps out with that too πŸ™‚

I love my little carrot garland that I bought last year from Home Goods (I think!)

And check out these cute Easter baskets I found for the boys at Target today! 

In anticipation of Easter (when my parents will be here! Yayayayay!!!) here’s a little #tbt to last Easter and my cute little bunny!

Radio Flyer

Happy First Day of Spring! Did you buy yourself flowers to celebrate? Our fake ones are in full bloom today πŸ™‚ Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some fresh ones.

Yesterday we took the boys for a walk in their new wagon around the county park. We propped Miles up with a pillow and those boys giggled the whole way around the pond! They loved looking at each other and Emmett was cracking Miles up. So sweet!

Also! I just had to upgrade my blog to increase my storage so now I can post cute videos like this one!

St. Patrick’s Day

We had such a fun St. Patrick’s Day! And of course I took a million pictures. Here they are!

Emmett tried his first taste of Lucky Charms for breakfast.

We played dress up with our St. Patrick’s accessories.

We went to Folly Beach to have lunch at an Irish Pub.

While the boys napped, I made cupcakes and Irish Soda Bread.

Our neighbors had us over for corned beef and cabbage and we ended the night with a bonfire! Such a fun day!

5 Months

Miles is 5 months old today! He celebrated by catching his brother’s cold, wah wah…

Luckily he’s starting to feel better but we spent this morning rocking in the hamock.

(His head might be bigger than mine!)

As a side note, I took this aerial shot of our house today. This is what 4 days of sick kids will do. See that in the bottom right of the picture? Yeah…that’s a dirty diaper. Just hanging out on the floor. 

Back to Miles at 5 months! He’s definitely rolling over with ease now from is back to his stomach. He hasn’t figured out how to flip back over from his tummy though so I often get woken up in the middle of the night because he is stuck!

He loves looking at himself of the mirror…

And working on his standing!

He is super chatty and actually a pretty loud baby! It’s not because he’s crying though – he just likes to make noise! He still loves chewing on his hands and sucking his thumb and he’s actually gotten a lot better about drinking out of a bottle. 

He found his toes this month and loves to grab them when he’s laying on his back. 

I think that’s it for this month! Here are some other random pictures I’ve taken lately.

PS: My latest post for Charleston’s Mom Blog is up today! It’s all about one of my favorite holidays, St Patrick’s Day! 

Raisinet Cookies

Daylight Savings really jacks a family up. Of course I’ve been up since 7am (thanks breastfeeding) but my boys are still sounds asleep and it’s 9:30. Lucky for them I’ve got an egg bake and bacon in the oven to wake up for soon. We’re in for a cold, rainy day here in Charleston and I hear that MN is expecting snow so I thought I’d share these cookies I made last week. 

I wanted to bake some cookies with Emmett the other night but we didn’t have a full bag of chocolate chips. So I improvised and made our favorite oatmeal raisin cookies with half raisins and half chocolate chips. Behold – the raisinet cookie was invented. I’m so clever! (I hope you are reading this in a sarcastic voice – I know this is not a groundbreaking idea haha). They were so good though that when Ryan brought a container of them to class, his class recorded a video of themselves saying “thank you” to me. Embarrassing! If you need something cozy to do today, make these! 


I forgot to tell you something pretty funny about Emmett in yesterday’s post. He’s been calling me Bob instead of Mom! One day Ryan was quizzing him on the names of all of the members of our family. He said “Chnce” for Chance, “Mmmmy” for Miles and “Da” for dad. When he got to me he clearly said “Bob!” Haha! We all think it’s pretty funny and Ryan definitely encourages him to call me Bob (which I think is pretty cute actually). Case and point: I wrote all of our names on the chalkboard and Ryan replaced the M’s with B’s πŸ™‚

Emmett wanted to help me wash the dishes and he started pushing the chair over to the sink so he could reach. I explained to him that he had to ask me first if he could help. I said “Emmett say, Mom, dishes please” and he said “Bob…”! It was so funny. 

Emmett at 2

You guys, this kid is full of personality. I love watching him grow up! He’s starting to talk and has actual friends that he loves to play with. He’s so cuddly and thinks his dad is the coolest/most fun/best person in the world. I thought I’d fill in a little questionnaire so I can always remember Emmett as his 2 year old self!

Favorite food: Without a doubt, PB&J! He’s obsessed. His second favorite food is toast. He has a carb problem haha! 

Favorite Show: Sesame Street (that’s really the only kids show we watch around here)

Favorite Movie: Elmo’s Potty Time (haha!) He is entranced every time and sings the theme song. It’s so dang cute. Here he is watching Potty Time:

Favorite Toy: Balls. All of the balls. Specifically, playing basketball at our neighbor’s hoop. He has a meltdown at least once a day because I won’t let him stand out there for hours. 

He received a Target Gift card for his birthday so I took him to go pick something out. We walked the toy aisles and of course it was all over once we found the basketballs!
Favorite fruit: blackberries and blueberries

Favorite stuffed animal: two way tie between monkey and Elmo! I think monkey would win though if he has to choose πŸ™‚

Favorite song: I don’t think he has one yet! He loves when his dad plays guitar and sings and he loves to dance when we listen to the Raffi station on Pandora. I taught him the hokey pokey last week and he thinks that’s pretty hilarious (especially when you put your head in)!

Favorite Book: Toot and Please Mr. Panda

Best Friends: Coco and Connor at school 

I can’t get enough of this kid! He has his moments but overall, he really gets sweeter and funnier by the day!