4 Months

Oh man…between Emmett’s birthday, Valentine’s Day and Laura’s visit, I never posted about Miles turning 4 months old! Sorry buddy!

Maybe it’s a good thing I waited though because today Miles rolled over for the first time! At least I think he did…I swear I laid him on his back and when I came back he was on his stomach, haha. Miles has also started sucking his thumb and it’s about the cutest think ever.

He is so strong and loves to stand up (assisted obviously) and dance when his dad plays guitar. Seriously! Tonight he used his strong legs to stand up as soon as Ryan started playing and started stomping his feet and swaying his hips. It was so dang cute. Have I already bragged about how he sleeps through the night? Because he does and it’s awesome. 

He also can’t get enough of his brother. Emmett cracks him up like no other. 

Miles, you are my sweet, chill boy and I will kiss your cute cheeks the rest of my life! I can’t get enough of you.


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