Weekend Recap: Laura Visits! 

Laura is one of my oldest friends (like we met in middle school old) and this weekend she came to visit us! It was a fast weekend together but we made the most of it. Here’s proof that we’ve been besties for a loooong time:

On Saturday morning we took the boys to Angel Oak and then the park. 

We left Emmett with Ryan for his afternoon nap and we took Miles downtown to walk around.

That night we left the boys at home and went out to a late dinner and drinks downtown. Our “wild” night out ended at about 11pm haha. Turns out, I don’t miss hitting up the bars on Saturday night at all! We had fun of course, but I’m just glad I’m not staying out until 2am anymore.

On Sunday morning we went to brunch…

And then hit the beach! It was a gorgeous, perfect day. We stayed out for about 6 hours and both the boys were rockstars. 

Our friends Kristen and David came with their little boy River.

And of course Laura and I had to take our traditional beach pic! We’ve been recreating this photo me and Mandy and Mary took in 2007 for 10 years now! Here’s a collection of the ones we’ve taken:

And then this year we did V2.0!

And then the sun set on a fabulous weekend.

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