PJ Party

Emmett is so dang sweet, goofy and funny these days and tonight we celebrated him turning two with a bunch of his little friends (and ours!) It was a really fun whirlwind of a party so of course I didn’t get good pictures but maybe that’s the sign of a great time! 

Our party favors were cereal bowls with straws built in so you can sip the milk out when your finished (to go along with our pj theme).

We had a waffle bar and my old-standby cornbread stuffing and sausage egg bake that people raved  about! The kids had a great time playing in the playroom, coloring, shooting hoops in Emmett’s new basketball hoop that our awesome neighbors gave him, and watching outdoor movies.

Emmett of course loved his cupcake and was a pro at blowing out his candle. 

Despite all of the sugar our birthday boy passed out as soon as all of his guests left. Now Mama’s having some cake and wine!

One thought on “PJ Party

  1. Happy Birthday EMMETT!!!! How can he possibly be TWO???? Love the whole party theme!!!! How creative!!!! Love the goodie bowls and cereal!!! PERFECT!!! Hope YOU had fun too!!!!🎂🍷

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