4 Months

Oh man…between Emmett’s birthday, Valentine’s Day and Laura’s visit, I never posted about Miles turning 4 months old! Sorry buddy!

Maybe it’s a good thing I waited though because today Miles rolled over for the first time! At least I think he did…I swear I laid him on his back and when I came back he was on his stomach, haha. Miles has also started sucking his thumb and it’s about the cutest think ever.

He is so strong and loves to stand up (assisted obviously) and dance when his dad plays guitar. Seriously! Tonight he used his strong legs to stand up as soon as Ryan started playing and started stomping his feet and swaying his hips. It was so dang cute. Have I already bragged about how he sleeps through the night? Because he does and it’s awesome. 

He also can’t get enough of his brother. Emmett cracks him up like no other. 

Miles, you are my sweet, chill boy and I will kiss your cute cheeks the rest of my life! I can’t get enough of you.

Weekend Recap: Laura Visits! 

Laura is one of my oldest friends (like we met in middle school old) and this weekend she came to visit us! It was a fast weekend together but we made the most of it. Here’s proof that we’ve been besties for a loooong time:

On Saturday morning we took the boys to Angel Oak and then the park. 

We left Emmett with Ryan for his afternoon nap and we took Miles downtown to walk around.

That night we left the boys at home and went out to a late dinner and drinks downtown. Our “wild” night out ended at about 11pm haha. Turns out, I don’t miss hitting up the bars on Saturday night at all! We had fun of course, but I’m just glad I’m not staying out until 2am anymore.

On Sunday morning we went to brunch…

And then hit the beach! It was a gorgeous, perfect day. We stayed out for about 6 hours and both the boys were rockstars. 

Our friends Kristen and David came with their little boy River.

And of course Laura and I had to take our traditional beach pic! We’ve been recreating this photo me and Mandy and Mary took in 2007 for 10 years now! Here’s a collection of the ones we’ve taken:

And then this year we did V2.0!

And then the sun set on a fabulous weekend.

Valentine’s Day

Today was such a sweet day with my loves! We started with red strawberries and heart shaped peanut butter toast for E:

His mind was blown when he opened Valentine’s presents from his grandparents…

And a stuffed Elmo from mom and dad!

We are in charge of bringing snacks to school this week so I sent some Valentine’s trail mix with Emmett today (Cheerios, freeze dried berries, Teddy Grahams, yogurt drops and raisins).

Emmett brought these Valentine’s to his class and teachers…

And got theses super cute Valentine’s in return!

Meanwhile, Miles had the time of his life at home with me – eating, napping and taking photos 🙂

Ryan took the night off of school and we went to Ellis Creek Fish Camp to get $3 shrimp and fish tacos.

Such a great day. Hope you had a fun day with those you love most! ❤❤

2 Years Old

Today our big boy officially turned 2 years old!

As everyone always says, time has flown by! Remember when he looked like this?

Now he is this full blown toddler running, jumping, yelling, laughing and jabbering! 

Emmett spent his birthday going to the doctor for his 2 year appointment and getting two shots (mom fail), spending the morning at school (his teachers said he cried when they tried to put a crown on him and sing to him haha), opening presents and eating more cake for lunch! 

Oh my sweet sweet Emmett…we had no idea how much better you would make our lives. You make each day a fun adventure. We love how sweet you are to everyone you meet. You are so goofy and happy and a really good big brother. We love you so so so so much! Happy birthday Em!

Edisto Beach State Park

It was another gorgeous Sunday here so we made the hour drive out to Edisto Beach State Park!

Emmett joined Dad in soaking up the sun.

Miles soaked up the shade.

Emmett threw lots of shells into the ocean…

Look at this curly blonde hair! I love it so much and never want to forget it!

When Miles didn’t want to be in his carrier anymore, Ryan carried both boys. Miles immediately stopped crying once he could see Emmett and Em started holding his hand! So sweet!

I am so lucky that these handsome boys are mine!

PJ Party

Emmett is so dang sweet, goofy and funny these days and tonight we celebrated him turning two with a bunch of his little friends (and ours!) It was a really fun whirlwind of a party so of course I didn’t get good pictures but maybe that’s the sign of a great time! 

Our party favors were cereal bowls with straws built in so you can sip the milk out when your finished (to go along with our pj theme).

We had a waffle bar and my old-standby cornbread stuffing and sausage egg bake that people raved  about! The kids had a great time playing in the playroom, coloring, shooting hoops in Emmett’s new basketball hoop that our awesome neighbors gave him, and watching outdoor movies.

Emmett of course loved his cupcake and was a pro at blowing out his candle. 

Despite all of the sugar our birthday boy passed out as soon as all of his guests left. Now Mama’s having some cake and wine!

The Church of Nature

It’s a beautiful, cool, Sunday morning here so we grabbed breakfast and came to Caw Caw Interpretive Center to get some fresh air and exercise. It’s a gorgeous county park that sits on old rice fields. It’s really unlike any place I’ve ever been! We walked 3.6 miles through the swamp and around the rice fields keeping our eyes peeled for alligators! 

Can you spot the gator in this next picture?

Party Circuit

Almost all of Emmett’s friends were born in January so we’ve been hitting up the birthday party circuit for the past couple weekends! 

We went to River’s party at our favorite pizza place down the street…

A bounce house party for Vivienne and Victoria’s birthday…

And two firemen birthday parties for Lucas…

And Keegan!

Next up is Emmett’s pajama birthday party next weekend!


Hi hi hi! I feel like I run out of time to write actual posts and I just end up posting pictures, so right now while Emmett is sleeping and Miles is beside me doing tummy time, I thought I’d give a little update about what we’re up to! 

Emmett: Sweet as ever lately! He loves playing in the kitchen sink and will push a bar stool slowly over to it so he can stand on it and reach. It’s hysterical when you can’t see him but you can see the stool moving from across the room. He loves school, especially his girlfriends Allie and Coco.

Miles: He is getting so strong! He can kind of sit up by himself (for short periods of time) and is getting close to rolling over. He is so smiley and giggly! Today was our second class of Babygarten at the library. 

Check out this hysterical picture I found on my phone from a couple weeks ago. Emmett likes to hold Miles and when he does, he insists that I take a picture of them!

My latest blog post is up on Charleston Moms Blog. It’s about how I’ve been keeping my sanity with 2 Under 2. When I was in Florida, my sister-in-Law brought me The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines (of the show Fixer Upper). Overall it was a quick, enjoyable read but something that Joanna said about being a mom and raising kids really stood out to me. She said she wants to not just survive, but thrive. So that means being in the moment with your kids, giving yourself a break on trying to do everything perfectly and fixing and making adjustments so you can feel like your family is thriving. Like staying up 20 minutes later so you can clean up the house or finding a way to organize things in your home that helps your family.

I go through periods of time where I’m super motivated to cook and plan out meals and then other weeks where I just make tacos and order pizza. Lately I’ve been on a roll. Here’s what I’ve made that we’ve really liked:

Mexican Street Corn Salad

Cajun Dirty Rice

Italian Wedding Soup

Okay, I think that’s all for now! 

Oh PS: Its a glorious 69 degrees out right now!!