Moon Sand

It’s a frigid 39 degrees here (haha Minnesotans, I know!) and Emmett has a cold so our outdoor plans got a little squashed for today. Instead, I decided that we’d try making our own moon sand for a little indoor activity. Super easy and fun to play with! Maybe even more fun for adults than a toddler! 

I mixed 4 cups of flour with 1/2 cup baby oil and that was it! It even smelled nice because of the baby oil and wasn’t greasy at all. I gave Emmett measuring spoons, cups, a whisk and cookie cutters to play with. 

He loved squeezing the sand and transferring it from one container to the other with a measuring spoon. Yeah it got a little messy but my motto with a toddler is “you can always clean it up”! The entertainment he got from it for half an hour was worth the five minutes it took for me to sweep it up. 

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