I always want to remember…

What your teacher told me today when I picked you up from school! Miss Elizabeth was telling me how much you love the songs you sing in school and how amazed she is at your participation with the songs that have actions! She says that you love the hippopotamus song and the bumble bee song and she said that she hopes that we take lots of videos of you at home (we do!)

As I was talking to your teacher, another mom from your class told me about how her boy talked about you all Christmas break! He would say “Emmett!” And then get a huge smile across his face. His mom said you are the class celebrity! Miss Elizabeth chimed in that there is just something about you charismatic personality that draws all of the other kids to you. 

Oh Emmett, you give me a hard time sometimes (like when I’m trying to change your diaper or trying to put you in your car seat) but you are just the funniest, goofiest, sweetest boy I know. I am so proud of you and am so proud to be your mom! 

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