Surprise Florida Weekend

We are (finally!) almost home after a 9+ hour drive home from Clearwater Beach. A 7 hour drive turns into a 9 hour drive with two little kids and multiple Cracker Barrel stops! But it was worth it for a fun weekend spent with Grandpa Jim, Grandma Barb, Eric and Heidi. We all surprised Jim by showing up on Thursday afternoon for the long weekend. It’s was pretty cold by Florida standards but we always just have fun being together. And Emmett thought that Uncle Eric and Auntie Heidi were just the coolest.

Grandma Carol and Auntie Laura Visit

I’m so far behind on posting pictures of the visitors we’ve had the last couple months! I’ll start with our most recent visitors: Grandma Carol and Auntie Laura who came two weekends ago. These are some of my favorite pictures that I took.

3 Months

Smiley Miles is 3 months old today!

Major milestones this month:

1. He sleeps through the night! Usually from 8:30pm to at least 7:30am. It’s amazing!

2. He found his voice and loves to coo and laugh!

3. Miles loves to eat but still refuses a bottle. Ugh. 

4. He’s getting so strong and can sit in the bouncer!

Big brother Emmett got a little jealous so he tries to squeeze in the bouncer too…

5. He loves chewing on his hands

6. He wears six month clothes already and weighs almost 16 pounds!

Miles is such a calm, easy going,  sweet, lovebug baby!

Miles’ Birth Story

Well almost 3 months later, here is Miles’ birth story! As foreshadowed in Emmett’s birth story two years ago, The day of Miles’ birth was predicted and planned, making it pretty darn easy (as easy as having a baby can go!) Thankfully Miles waited patiently in my belly through the whole “fleeing a hurricane” thing and everything went according to plan. 

Grandpa Jim and Grandma Barb came to town a couple of days before my scheduled c-section to get settled in their cute little beach bungalow and mentally prepare for taking care of big brother Emmett for the week. We are so grateful they were able to come and help out! 

My c-section was scheduled for Thursday the 13th so Wednesday night we all ate a big pasta dinner and hung out at home before Emmett went with J&B for the night. Knowing that you are for sure going to have a baby the next day is such a weird feeling! I remember feeling excited, anxious and a little nervous and it was definitely hard for me to fall asleep. I also knew that this was the last night I was ever going to be pregnant (we’ve always only wanted two kids) so that was honestly a little sad! But the heartburn that kept me up all night reminded me that I definitely don’t ever need to be pregnant again, haha. Here’s what I looked like the night before Miles was born:

The c-section was scheduled for early in the morning. I popped right out of bed, took a shower, straightened my hair (duh!) and almost applied my daily body lotion until this random thought crossed my mind: “what if my slippery, lotion-covered stomach makes the doctor’s knife slip while she’s doing the surgery??” Haha! Stupid thought, but I didn’t apply any lotion, just in case 🙂

We drove in the dark to the hospital and as we were crossing the Ravenel Bridge into Mount Pleasant where our hospital is the radio started playing “Final Countdown”! It was so appropriate for that moment. We got checked in and they started getting me ready for the surgery right away. 

Nerves and adrenaline made my whole body shake while I was in the operating room. Ryan was by my head and I tried to get him to talk about things to distract me but it’s pretty hard to get your mind off the fact that you are being operated on and they will be pulling a baby out any second! The surgery was quick and before we knew it, Miles Walter was out in the world! 

Miles is named after my grandpa Milo and Ryan’s grandpa Walter LeRoy (who went by LeRoy). He was a big baby! One ounce heavier than Emmett and one inch taller. 

The next couple days in the hospital were filled with visits from big brother Emmett, grandma and grandpa and auntie Becca and Kelly. Emmett was pretty indifferent to Miles and had zero clue what was going on. He was a little bit curious but mostly just wanted to run around the hospital room. 

In all honesty, while it was nice to just lay in the hospital bed with those glorious compression boots on my legs and relax for a couple days, I was in a lot of pain from the surgery. Walking to the bathroom to take a shower was torture. I had kind of forgotten that part from Emmett’s delievery. We were so thankful to have Bec bring us food and for Jim and Barb to be taking care of Emmett! It was amazing to be able to focus on Miles without having to worry about anything else. 

We left the hospital and come home to funny signs in the front yard from the neighbor kids and food and flowers from Bec and Kelly. They even painted the Folly Boat for Miles! They are just seriously the best.

Miles, even though your birth wasn’t as eventful as Emmett’s, it was still so exciting! We are so lucky that you made us a family of 4!

PS: My latest blog post for Charleston Moms Blog is up today! And it fits right along with Miles’ birth story. It’s a love letter to my hospital nurses. Hope you enjoy it! Nurses are amazing!

Back to School…

Tonight this little cutie had his first day of school!

Ryan is getting his MBA from The Citadel and tonight was his first night of classes! While he was at class, Emmett and I made “first day of school cookies” and Em proceeded to trash the living room and have approximately 11 meltdowns. 

Ryan had class every night so I’m alone with the boys Monday-Thursday for three months. Pray for me. 🙂 

Moon Sand

It’s a frigid 39 degrees here (haha Minnesotans, I know!) and Emmett has a cold so our outdoor plans got a little squashed for today. Instead, I decided that we’d try making our own moon sand for a little indoor activity. Super easy and fun to play with! Maybe even more fun for adults than a toddler! 

I mixed 4 cups of flour with 1/2 cup baby oil and that was it! It even smelled nice because of the baby oil and wasn’t greasy at all. I gave Emmett measuring spoons, cups, a whisk and cookie cutters to play with. 

He loved squeezing the sand and transferring it from one container to the other with a measuring spoon. Yeah it got a little messy but my motto with a toddler is “you can always clean it up”! The entertainment he got from it for half an hour was worth the five minutes it took for me to sweep it up.