Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! It’s just me and the boys for Christmas this year and while normally I might feel a little sad about not being with the rest of my family for Christmas, they all have food poisoning in Minnesota so yeah…not feeling too sad that I’m missing out of that! Plus, it was in the 70’s here today. And we went to the beach. And everyone had a really great day. Life is good.

We played Christmas music on our speaker at the beach while Miles stretched out on the blanket and Emmett threw approximately 1,000 rocks and shells into the water. He had the best day! 

We came home and relaxed and let Emmett open up some of his presents. Everything has been a hit so far, including his new play cell phone that he’s already obsessed with!

After dinner (short ribs and marscapone polenta) we headed downtown for a walk around The Battery to look at all of the mansions lit up for Christmas. 

Charleston is a magical place to be at Christmastime!

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