Toddler Camping Night

Yesterday Ryan and two other dad friends took their toddlers camping on Wolf Island! You might remember that we went camping there with our friends Marc and Maria when our babies were only about 8 months old.

Ryan said Emmett had a great time playing with the girls and throwing sticks in the fire. 

He slept great in the sleeping bag…

And was so exhausted from a fun night that he fell asleep on the boat ride home!

Meanwhile I spent some great one-on-one time with this little nugget. 

We went on a walk yesterday and it was so warm I didn’t even need sleeves! (sorry to all of my family and friends freezing their butts off in Minnesota!)

My friend Kristen came over to hang out last night so I made some Christmas sangria and these Polar Bear Paws!

Now that all of my boys are sleeping, I better get some of my present wrapping done! 

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