Two Months

Someone is two months old today!

He celebrated by going to his two month doctor’s appointment and getting three shots!

He cried for about thirty seconds and then recovered and he’s been acting pretty normal all day! The doctor was really happy with his development and his stats show that he’s a pretty big kid, haha!

Miles is just the best baby ever. Easy going, calm, awesome sleeper  (he’s slept through the night a couple times!) and awesome eater. Our only problem is that it turns out, he doesn’t really like to take a bottle. It’s pretty frustrating! We got him to chug one though this weekend so I know he can do it. He just generally doesn’t want to. 

He loves to lay on his back and kick around and is very tolerant of his big brother’s abundance of affection. He started smiling this month which of course is the sweetest thing ever but some of our favorite looks are when he’s giving us a skeptical face. So funny! He’s really strong and his  brown hair is growing back on the top of his head! He gets cuter and cuter every day!

It’s hard to believe kind of that it’s only been two months! It feels like he’s been here longer then that. He just fits right into our family perfectly. We all can’t get enough of him.

We love you So much little boy!

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