Merry Christmas! 

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve! It’s just me and the boys for Christmas this year and while normally I might feel a little sad about not being with the rest of my family for Christmas, they all have food poisoning in Minnesota so yeah…not feeling too sad that I’m missing out of that! Plus, it was in the 70’s here today. And we went to the beach. And everyone had a really great day. Life is good.

We played Christmas music on our speaker at the beach while Miles stretched out on the blanket and Emmett threw approximately 1,000 rocks and shells into the water. He had the best day! 

We came home and relaxed and let Emmett open up some of his presents. Everything has been a hit so far, including his new play cell phone that he’s already obsessed with!

After dinner (short ribs and marscapone polenta) we headed downtown for a walk around The Battery to look at all of the mansions lit up for Christmas. 

Charleston is a magical place to be at Christmastime!

Toddler Camping Night

Yesterday Ryan and two other dad friends took their toddlers camping on Wolf Island! You might remember that we went camping there with our friends Marc and Maria when our babies were only about 8 months old.

Ryan said Emmett had a great time playing with the girls and throwing sticks in the fire. 

He slept great in the sleeping bag…

And was so exhausted from a fun night that he fell asleep on the boat ride home!

Meanwhile I spent some great one-on-one time with this little nugget. 

We went on a walk yesterday and it was so warm I didn’t even need sleeves! (sorry to all of my family and friends freezing their butts off in Minnesota!)

My friend Kristen came over to hang out last night so I made some Christmas sangria and these Polar Bear Paws!

Now that all of my boys are sleeping, I better get some of my present wrapping done! 

Two Months

Someone is two months old today!

He celebrated by going to his two month doctor’s appointment and getting three shots!

He cried for about thirty seconds and then recovered and he’s been acting pretty normal all day! The doctor was really happy with his development and his stats show that he’s a pretty big kid, haha!

Miles is just the best baby ever. Easy going, calm, awesome sleeper  (he’s slept through the night a couple times!) and awesome eater. Our only problem is that it turns out, he doesn’t really like to take a bottle. It’s pretty frustrating! We got him to chug one though this weekend so I know he can do it. He just generally doesn’t want to. 

He loves to lay on his back and kick around and is very tolerant of his big brother’s abundance of affection. He started smiling this month which of course is the sweetest thing ever but some of our favorite looks are when he’s giving us a skeptical face. So funny! He’s really strong and his  brown hair is growing back on the top of his head! He gets cuter and cuter every day!

It’s hard to believe kind of that it’s only been two months! It feels like he’s been here longer then that. He just fits right into our family perfectly. We all can’t get enough of him.

We love you So much little boy!

Holiday Spirit

We’ve had such a fun couple of days celebrating the first weekend of December with some fun Christmasy activities! It really started on Wednesday when Ryan swung by Walmart on his way home and picked up a Christmas tree for us (klassy, I know). We hauled out the Christmas bins and I did some decorating. Emmett handed each ornament to me to put on the tree and was remarkably gentle! 

On Thursday night we went to our little Town of James Island tree lighting and let up with our friends Kristen and David and their little boy River.

Emmett tried (and loved) his first marshmallows…

And Miles was wide-eyed the whole time looking at all of the lights.

On Friday night I introduced Emmett to the pure Christmas joy of baking sugar cookies! I mistakingly also introduced him to the deliciousness of eating cookie dough which resulted in a meltdown when I told him he couldn’t eat anymore of it…

He recovered though and had a great time decorating the cookies with sprinkles/eating handfuls of sprinkles! Haha!

On Saturday morning Auntie Becca came with us to Breakfast with Santa where we got these epic pictures…

And then last but it least, yesterday we went downtown to the Charleston Christmas Parade! It’s pretty much my favorite parade I’ve ever been to. It’s about 2 hours long and is filled with a lot of local kids, cute dogs and marching bands. It took Emmett a little while to warm up to the parade but before we knew it, he was pointing and yelling with excitement and flirting with a news anchor on one of the floats!

Such a fun start to the holiday season! 

#TBT: Miles’ Newborn Photos

I’m so behind on blog posts (like sharing Miles’ birth story, talking about my parents’ visit, etc). I’ve been meaning to post these photos for a long time too but just never got around to it! But here they are! My super talented friend Fawn at Sable and Lace insisted that we take these photos and I’m so glad we did! Miles was a week old and Emmett was 20 months old.