Halloween 2016

Hope you had a fun Halloween! As you know, Emmett is obsessed with basketball, so a couple months ago I started pulling our costumes together which revolved around Emmett dressing up as a basketball player. Behold: the coach, the basketball, the player, the cheerleader and the “rufferee”!

These pictures were taken before we headed to a neighbor’s Halloween party. We only made it at the party for about 10 minutes before we headed home but it was fun to dress up nonetheless.

Some other pictures from our Halloween weekend…

Pumpkin Carving:

Pumpkin pancakes for Halloween morning:

Emmett’s “Let’s Pretend” parade at school:

Trick or Treating:

Emmett had so much fun following the big kids door to door and collecting candy in his blue bucket. Even when the bucket got really full and heavy, Ryan said he had a death grip on the handle and never put it down! 

I love Halloween for a lot of reasons, but one is because it kicks off the holiday season. So many fun things to look forward too in the coming weeks! 

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