Escaping Hurricane Matthew

We are finally home after our first hurricane experience! I am so happy to say that we came home this morning to no damage, no flooding and power on. We had some friends that weren’t so lucky though so we are especially grateful and proud of our little house! It’s been quite an adventure fleeing a hurricane at 39 weeks pregnant so let me start from the beginning.

On Tuesday night we learned that the hurricane was headed our way and that the Governor was ordering an evacuation for our area starting on Wednesday afternoon – Ryan and I decided that we would leave early Thursday morning to avoid traffic. However, Becca called me from work nervously laughing hysterically from a conference room, freaked out that we should leave ASAP. Her coworkers had convinced her that traffic heading upstate would be horrible and it would take us 24 hours to get to Columbia (normally a 3 hour drive). Her anxiousness was about to send me into labor so Ryan and I called my doctor (who said to evacuate) and booked a cabin in the mountains in Canton, NC (about 30 minutes outside of Asheville). We decided to pack up and leave Wednesday morning. 

Other crazy things my sister said in the midst of our hurricane evacuation:

1. It might be a good idea to wear Depends in case we are stuck in traffic for 12 hours without a bathroom.

2. Did you pack your wedding photo albums? 

3. Roll up your rugs and put them on your couch (for the record, we own really cheap rugs)

4. I (Becca) shut my bedroom door to deter looters.

On Wednesday morning we packed up, closed up our house, and all piled into the truck to head towards the mountains. We did hit some traffic but it definitely wasn’t horrible. Emmett loved having the girls in the backseat with him and took shifts of falling asleep and giggling his head off…

While the girls ate a majority of their hurricane provisions in the first 2 hours on the road 😉

The cabin was at the top of a very steep road and you definitely needed 4 wheel drive to get up there. It was miracle that I didn’t go into labor as we navigated that road in the dark! Emmett was so sleepy when we got there that he fell asleep on his girlfriend’s lap (he’s obsessed with Kelly!) 

We spent Thursday – Saturday watching the news, relaxing, reading, doing puzzles, playing games, eating and hoping I wouldn’t go into labor! 

Old books we found on the bookshelf that are especially relevant today! Haha!

The hurricane hit Charleston late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Most of our neighbors had decided not to evacuate so we were in contact with them to get updates. After the hurricane moved past Charleston, the Governor advised residents not to come back until everything was clear. Since we still needed to have access to a working hospital just in case, we decided to wait to return to Charleston until Sunday morning. 

This decision left us in a little predicament because we had to check out of our cabin Saturday morning so we didn’t have anywhere to stay that night. While we figured out what we weee going to do we spent a little time at the North Carolina Arboretum to tire Emmett and Chance out. Ryan pushed me around in a wheel chair so the walking wouldn’t induce labor, haha!

Almost all of the hotels in the Midlands were full but we were able to find a place on AirBnB near Spartanberg for the night. We stayed with a really nice lady who very generously opened up her house for $16 a night to people who were displaced from the hurricane. In all honesty, it was a little awkward at first but she was so sweet and couldn’t have been nicer! And Emmett loved her! 

Although our trip was not without some tense moments, we laughed a lot, relaxed and had quite an adventure! And we came home to an undamaged house and we didn’t have a mountain/hurricane baby! Thank you to my husband for finding the awesome cabin and keeping us safe, Becca and Kelly for practically babysitting Emmett for 4 days and to our neighbors for looking out for our house! And thank you baby for not coming early!! 

One thought on “Escaping Hurricane Matthew

  1. Love your “Matthew” story and can’t believe some of your neighbors stayed but lucky for you that you got out and have a great story to cherish! So glad that you made this a positive experience and that you came home to a home that was still standing and not damaged! Most of all I am grateful that YOU did not go into labor and had a bit of time to relax rather than nesting which I am sure you are doing double time now! One question? Did you all wear Depends?? What a story!!!! Love you all!

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