When I found out we were having another boy and I wouldn’t be able to decorate a nursery for a baby girl, I knew I still wanted to change up the decor in the room to make it special for our new baby. I decided on a “vintage camping”/”North Woods” theme and it’s been so fun putting it together! We kept all of the same furniture (didn’t even move it) and even some of the decorations that Emmett had that fit with the new theme (our fish and fishing lures).

The gallery wall above the changing table has some special pictures of my friend Laura’s cabin that I used to go to with my girlfriends in middle school and high school. I also love those bunny pictures! 

Take a look at the newest addition to the nursery that just arrived from Minnesota this week:

My Grandma Barb made our baby boy the most adorable, funny, cute quilt I have ever seen! One side is covered in thermoses and the other is a fabric called “Burly Beavers”! 

I mean, have you ever seen anything so cute?? It is SO SOFT too! I can’t wait to lay my little baby on it! 

After 19 months with Emmett, I realized I really hate hanging up all of his clothes on hangers after I wash them. So time consuming! So for this baby, I decided on hanging shelves. I already love it so much better.

He’s already got a closet full of Emmett’s cute hand-me-downs (but that hasn’t stopped me from doing some shopping haha).

Well baby boy, your room is all ready for you!

This picture was taken at my doctors appointment this morning. They think he currently weighs 7lbs 10oz and his head is measuring at 42 weeks! Thank god it’s going to be a c-section!

See you on the outside in 2 weeks baby! ❤️❤️

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