6 Years

Yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary. I didn’t write about it because:

A: We have a lot going on

B: I thought I was maybe in labor (Turns out it was just some bad cheesecake I ate. I think.) 

Amongst home repairs and getting ready for the baby, Ryan and I did sneak out Saturday night for dinner at Spero (definitely recommended) and drinks at the Vendue rooftop bar. 

Every year on our anniversary, we take a picture to put in our anniversary photo album. I thought it would be a cool way to document how we change over the years. Here are our first 6 (including our cover photo – a picture of us hiking in the Black Forest in Germany on our honeymoon!)

We tried to take this year’s photo on our front porch. Here’s how it turned out: squinty eyes, red faces, greasy hair, but the cutest little photo bomber in the background! Haha!

There’s always next year for better pictures and more romantic anniversary dates 🙂 We’re in this for the long haul. 

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