When I found out we were having another boy and I wouldn’t be able to decorate a nursery for a baby girl, I knew I still wanted to change up the decor in the room to make it special for our new baby. I decided on a “vintage camping”/”North Woods” theme and it’s been so fun putting it together! We kept all of the same furniture (didn’t even move it) and even some of the decorations that Emmett had that fit with the new theme (our fish and fishing lures).

The gallery wall above the changing table has some special pictures of my friend Laura’s cabin that I used to go to with my girlfriends in middle school and high school. I also love those bunny pictures! 

Take a look at the newest addition to the nursery that just arrived from Minnesota this week:

My Grandma Barb made our baby boy the most adorable, funny, cute quilt I have ever seen! One side is covered in thermoses and the other is a fabric called “Burly Beavers”! 

I mean, have you ever seen anything so cute?? It is SO SOFT too! I can’t wait to lay my little baby on it! 

After 19 months with Emmett, I realized I really hate hanging up all of his clothes on hangers after I wash them. So time consuming! So for this baby, I decided on hanging shelves. I already love it so much better.

He’s already got a closet full of Emmett’s cute hand-me-downs (but that hasn’t stopped me from doing some shopping haha).

Well baby boy, your room is all ready for you!

This picture was taken at my doctors appointment this morning. They think he currently weighs 7lbs 10oz and his head is measuring at 42 weeks! Thank god it’s going to be a c-section!

See you on the outside in 2 weeks baby! ❤️❤️


You know when is a great time to rearrange rooms in your house? 2 weeks before you’re due! Last night we added a daybed to our playroom (because we’re rearranging our guest room) and I thought now would be a good time to show you how the room looks! It’s really one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Stay tuned for more room reveals this coming week of the nursery, Emmett’s big boy room, the new guest room and our new master bedroom! (All of which will hopefully be finished before the baby gets here. Eek!)

An Announcement! 

I forgot to mention the other day that I was chosen to be a contributor to Charleston Moms Blog! I’m really excited to be apart of a great group of women writing about all things motherhood and Charleston. I’ll have one post a month published and here is my first one! With two boys under 2 soon I’m guessing I’ll have a lot of material to work with 🙂 

6 Years

Yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary. I didn’t write about it because:

A: We have a lot going on

B: I thought I was maybe in labor (Turns out it was just some bad cheesecake I ate. I think.) 

Amongst home repairs and getting ready for the baby, Ryan and I did sneak out Saturday night for dinner at Spero (definitely recommended) and drinks at the Vendue rooftop bar. 

Every year on our anniversary, we take a picture to put in our anniversary photo album. I thought it would be a cool way to document how we change over the years. Here are our first 6 (including our cover photo – a picture of us hiking in the Black Forest in Germany on our honeymoon!)

We tried to take this year’s photo on our front porch. Here’s how it turned out: squinty eyes, red faces, greasy hair, but the cutest little photo bomber in the background! Haha!

There’s always next year for better pictures and more romantic anniversary dates 🙂 We’re in this for the long haul. 

Lowcountry Boil

Ryan and his buddies went shrimping last night (from 5pm to 4am!) in the Charleston Harbor and got a huge haul of delicious shrimp! 

To celebrate, we had a Lowcountry Boil tonight with his fellow shrimp hunters (our neighbors Jimmy and Paul) and their wives in our backyard. 

(The recipe that we used from our neighbor Mandi) 

If we’re being honest, I didn’t eat any. Those shrimp eyeballs staring back at me we’re not doing my pregnant tummy and favors, haha. But everyone else loved it! Plus it’s just fun to do. Have I meantioned how much I love living here?? 

Little Drummer Boy

Dreams came true tonight when we presented Emmett with his first real drum! 

We bought it off Craigslist and Ryan got the seller to throw in some other fun instruments too: a triangle, cowbell and tambourine! We had a family jam session tonight with Emmett on drums, me on tambourine, Ryan on guitar and lead vocals and Chance on triangle and backup vocals. Just kidding, Chance has a terrible voice 😉

Labor Day Weekend in Charlotte

I’ve just had no motivation to post lately! Maybe this post seems like a lot of work because I want to tell you about our weekend wth Grandma Carol and Auntie Laura in Charlotte but I also don’t feel like writing, haha. How about if I just post the pictures and maybe I’ll write a little caption under them if I feel like it? Okay, sounds good to me too. 

We said “adios” to hurricane Hermine and headed out to Charlotte (about 3 hours away). Turns out the hurricane was really NBD. 

We stopped for lunch in a little town that is known for having the world’s smallest police station!

We also stopped in Rock Hill, SC at a cute little children’s museum to let Emmett play. 

Playing in the big hotel bed and exploring the grounds of The Ballantyne Hotel

Breakfast blueberries in bed (the maids loved us I’m sure!)

Definitely NOT obeying the quiet zone signs!

LOT’S of park time!

And pool time! 

Okay, I think that’s all of my photos. Phew! Overall, we had a really nice time relaxing, playing, eating and spending time with each other.