Banana Pudding

I was going to post this recipe today anyway, but guess what National holiday it is? National Banana Pudding Day! (At least according to Kathy Lee and Hoda!)

Since moving to the South, Ryan and I make our own pickles, boiled peanuts, BBQ pork and shrimp and grits. I’ve also never made so many pans of homemade mac and cheese since moving here!

Banana pudding is another recent family favorite and it couldn’t be easier to make. This is the recipe my friend Kristen passed on to me and I think it’s a real winner. The hardest part is just cutting up and arranging the bananas!

Charleston Banana Pudding

What you need:

-5 oz plain Greek yogurt

-8 oz container of thawed Cool Whip

-1 and a half packages of vanilla instant pudding (the 3.4 oz packages)

-2 cups whole milk

-1 box Nilla Wafers

-4 bananas peeled and sliced

Combine yogurt, milk, pudding mix and Cool Whip in a bowl. In a trifle or glass pan, create your layers. Layer cookies, pudding mix, and bananas (in that order) and repeat until you are fresh out of ingredients. 

Refrigerate until serving! 

Okay, we just made this last weekend but I have some super ripe bananas that might need to be turned into pudding…


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