Last Week of Summer

It felt a little daunting at the end of May when Emmett’s school ended and summer began. I was trying to figure out how I was going to balance entertaining him with working from home. While I stressed out about that for a couple weeks, I had the realization that these couple months would be comprised of the last days of just Emmett and I before the baby comes! So I decided that we’d have one really fun summer together and make the most of our time alone. And I was even able to figure out a great balance between caring for Emmett and working from home. The secret concoction was to entertain Emmett all morning to keep him awake until 12:30-1 and then he’d take a good three hour nap or so in the afternoon so I could get stuff done! So in short, we had a really fun summer together. Since the school year starts next week, Emmett and I really lived up our last week of summer this week with all of our favorite things!  

1. Monday Play date at the Park

I didn’t get any great pictures of Emmett at the park because he was running around like a maniac (this picture is from when we were leaving and he stood and played with a sprinkler). I was talking to my friend Margeaux and saw Emmett run towards some big kids. I didn’t think anything of it and finished my 1 minute convo with my friend. I took off to find Emmett and didn’t see him! Another mom at the park asked me if I knew where my kid was. When I answered “no” she pointed to the top of a playground meant for 5 year olds and there was my baby, who climbed probably 20 steps in less than a minute, holding on to a bridge railing while the big kids ran circles around him. Good god. Bad mom on my part, crazy adventurous, fearless kid on his. Needless to say, he had a great time at the park while I left sweaty and exhausted from chasing him!

2. Tuesday at the Splash Pad

3. Wednesday at the Aquarium

4. Thursday at a Drum Circle on the Beach

5. Friday at the Children’s Museum

Followed by an ice cream celebration at Jeni’s!

We made it kid! While we’ve had such a fun summer, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m really looking forward to school starting next week 🙂 

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