Dixie Chicks

Dreams came true yesterday when Becca, Kelly and I road tripped to Charlotte to see the Dixie Chicks!

I have loved the Dixie Chicks since highschool when my girlfriends and I were addicted to their cd Fly for an entire summer. I have especially fond memories of the canoing up at my friend Laura’s cabin belting out Wide Open Spaces. When the Dixie Chicks stopped touring 10 years ago I thought I’d never be able to see them! Thankfully they decided to tour again because I think this was one of my favorite concerts ever!  

After a little IKEA shopping trip, free drinks at the hotel for the non-pregnant:

Free hats for everyone in the audience to speak out against North Carolina’s bathroom laws:

I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much at a concert (31 weeks pregnant + August in North Carolina) but it was amazing and so worth it. We had awesome seats, the Dixie Chicks were beyond awesome, the crowd was fun and they played the hits and even a Prince cover.

And while I was having the best time in Charlotte, Emmett was having the best time with his dad! They went to the water park, a birthday party, and Emmett’s favorite restaurant for dinner. What a weekend!

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