Minnesota Trip Day 8

We’re pretty much settled in back home but I wanted to post a couple pictures of our adventure back to Charleston. Before we headed to the airport, we grabbed brunch with my girlfriends and their significant others to spend time together one last time before we all went our separate ways. I snapped this cute picture of Emmett and Thomas and their dads. 

Our first flight to Chicago was pretty uneventful. The best way to ensure that no one wants to sit next to you on a Southwest flight is to have a toddler! 

We had a whole row to ourselves and Emmett slept. Success!

We had a two hour layover in Chicago where we had dinner and Emmett wowed everyone with his throwing skills. It was great that he made some friends because he was going to need it once we got on the plane! Our flight was scheduled to leave around 9:50pm which I thought would be great because Emmett would just sleep. Wrong. We got stuck on the runway for over an hour because of thunderstorms. Guess who was awake the whole time and didn’t fall asleep until we took off after 11:30. We landed in Charleston at 3am and didn’t get home until 4am. Ugh. Bad planning on my part. 

But now we are all back in the groove at home and these two boys have been reunited.

Emmett was also happy to be reunited with his other loves, his basketball hoops, haha!

It was such a great trip back to Minnesota (one of the best yet!) but it does feel good today be back home. Now time to start thinking about getting ready for this baby! 

2 thoughts on “Minnesota Trip Day 8

  1. Wish we knew you had a long layover we would have met up with you!!! Would have loved to see you pregnant in person and to see your sweet Emmett! He is just the most happy boy!!! You and Ryan are such great parents and he is a wonderful reflection of both of you! Hope you are feeling well!!!💋

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