Minnesota Trip Day 1

We are in Minnesota for the week and in order to stay on top of all of the pictures I’m going to take, I thought I’d post them daily. We have a lot of fun things lined up for this week! 

Yesterday we all survived Emmett’s first flights. We left at 4:45am from Charleston, flew into Chicago Midway and then got to Minnesota around 11am.

We lucked out and Emmett slept for most of the flights. 

But the periods when he was awake, he was not great at sitting still on the plane. While we were sitting on the plane, waiting for a tire to be changed, Emmett walked the aisle and then walked right off the plane! Haha! (Don’t worry, Ryan was walking with him). Ryan grabbed Emmett and carried him back to our seats on his shoulders while Emmett waved to everyone. Another passenger said Emmett was the mayor of the plane, haha. 

We’re spending our first couple days at Grandpa Jim and Grandma Barb’s house. We had a really fun afternoon with all of the siblings playing yard games and eating (of course!) Emmett loved playing whiffle ball and being mesmorized by Helena and all of the things she can do since she is older and taller!

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