4th of July Weekend Recap in Pictures

Man! I am exhausted from this holiday weekend and I didn’t even drink, haha! We had a really fun 4th of July weekend.

On Friday night the three of us headed to Folly Beach for dinner and to walk the pier.

On Saturday Emmett came with me to the outlet mall…

And enjoyed a Popsicle poolside when we got home. 

We kicked off our Sunday with red, white and blue waffles…

To get ready for a day of floating around the pool with Becca and Kelly.

Sunday night we headed out to Seabrook Island to watch their fireworks from the golf course. They had an orchestra playing before and during the fireworks show and Emmett was obsessed!

He cried a little bit at the beginning of the fireworks but then he worked up his courage and sat next to Auntie Becca and Kelly like a big kid!

Yesterday we had our 2nd Annual 4th of July Pool Party. We had such a fun day with our awesome neighbors! It was kind of a last minute party but we had a really good turn out. And Ryan only burned one hand on fireworks so I deem it a successful party 🙂

Yes, that is my kid clutching onto a hamburger bun like a security blanket. 

2 thoughts on “4th of July Weekend Recap in Pictures

  1. Hey Allison! Looks like you’re really enjoying life in Charleston! Mike and I are planning a trip to Folly Beach in September and are looking at a places to stay, do you have any recommendations? We’re looking to rent through VRBO or Airbnb but I was wondering if you knew anyone out there who had property or stayed somewhere before. And if you have any food recommendations we plan to visit Charleston too, my email is rbahm3@gmail.com. I appreciate any info you have!

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