On Wednesdays we wear army green.

Cowboy Cookies

Happy Monday! We had a really nice, relaxing weekend. Got some things done around the house, took Emmett to the aquarium and got in some pool time. Ryan starting carrying Emmett around the pool on his back and Em holds on like a little koala.

I’m in a neighborhood book club and Saturday was our innagural meeting. Our first book was Still Alice. Both the book and the movie are really good! I brought over Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies and man, are they good. 

We ate these at my mother-in-law Barb’s house when we were in Minnesota and we all raved about them. They have oatmeal, chocolate chips, coconut and walnuts in them. Beware – the recipe makes A LOT! 

Good thing Barb told me that cookies don’t count when you’re pregnant. She’s such a wise woman 🙂

Third Trimester

As of today, I am officially 28 weeks pregnant and in the third trimester! Time is going fast and slow at the same time. Fast because I still can’t wrap my head around having two kids/get a handle on what we actually need for two kids and slow because I still have two months that I’m going to get bigger and bigger. Did I mention how I really want a drink??

My weekly email says that our baby boy is the size of a kabocha squash. WTF is that? 

This is what a kobocha squash looks like in my belly:

I’d say that’s about right!

I’m still feeling really well, but I do feel a little bit slower and more achy this time around. To combat this, I eat a lot of cookies and ice cream. Hence the large squash in my stomach. Yikes. 😬

Minnesota Trip Day 8

We’re pretty much settled in back home but I wanted to post a couple pictures of our adventure back to Charleston. Before we headed to the airport, we grabbed brunch with my girlfriends and their significant others to spend time together one last time before we all went our separate ways. I snapped this cute picture of Emmett and Thomas and their dads. 

Our first flight to Chicago was pretty uneventful. The best way to ensure that no one wants to sit next to you on a Southwest flight is to have a toddler! 

We had a whole row to ourselves and Emmett slept. Success!

We had a two hour layover in Chicago where we had dinner and Emmett wowed everyone with his throwing skills. It was great that he made some friends because he was going to need it once we got on the plane! Our flight was scheduled to leave around 9:50pm which I thought would be great because Emmett would just sleep. Wrong. We got stuck on the runway for over an hour because of thunderstorms. Guess who was awake the whole time and didn’t fall asleep until we took off after 11:30. We landed in Charleston at 3am and didn’t get home until 4am. Ugh. Bad planning on my part. 

But now we are all back in the groove at home and these two boys have been reunited.

Emmett was also happy to be reunited with his other loves, his basketball hoops, haha!

It was such a great trip back to Minnesota (one of the best yet!) but it does feel good today be back home. Now time to start thinking about getting ready for this baby! 

Minnesota Trip Day 7

Ready for a picture overload?? We did a lot yesterday! Our morning started off with a family brunch at Taylor and Kirsten’s.

A little family resemblance…?

Then Ryan and I headed off to the wedding of my highschool girlfriend, Alissa. It was gorgeous and so fun because all of my best friends were there! We obviously took a lot of photos…

While mom and dad were at the wedding, Grandpa Terry and Nana Carrie babysat and took the great grandkids to visit Great Grandpa Milo again!

Another fun day in Minnesota! 

Minnesota Trip Day 6

We started yesterday morning off with a trip to the Como Zoo where Emmett fed a giraffe!

He also rode the train with Nana Carrie…

Danced with some girls…

And tried the carousel for the first time!

Ryan, Emmett and I then headed to a local park to meet some of our friends that we haven’t seen in a year or so. We are so thankful to have friends like these!

College roomies with our toddlers and both expecting new babies this year!

Minnesota Trip Day 5

While Ryan was fishing with his brother…

Emmett and I headed to my parents’ house to play with baby Nora!

He is so dang sweet to her! He laid down next to her and tried to share his toys. We took the kids to the park and Emmett of course had the best time!

Nora mostly slept, haha.

Then we had a fun night at Taylor and Kirsten’s grilling and playing outside!

Minnesota Trip Day 4 

Yesterday we visited my Grandpa Milo and took him to lunch. I think he got a kick out of little Emmett!

We spent the rest of the day and night at Eric and Heidi’s adorable house grilling out, playing yard games, walking to the park and sitting around the fire.

Minnesota Trip Day 3

We woke up bright and early yesterday to make the 4 hour drive to visit Ryan’s sweet 95 year old Grandma in Sioux Falls. Obviously some Caribou Coffee was necessary!

We had a really fun afternoon with grandma and Emmett loved being pushed around in her wheelchair, waving to the other residents.

After lunch with Ryan’s aunts and cousins, we headed back to Chaska for happy hour with our families where I finally got to meet my niece Nora!

Emmett got to spend some time with two of his grandmas.

Another fun, busy day!

Minnesota Trip Day 2

Last night Grandpa Jim and Grandma Barb babysat so Ryan and I could have a date night in St. Paul. We (well Ryan) had a beer at our favorite college bar, O’Gara’s…

And then I made Ryan walk around St. Thomas.

We drove past our college houses and had dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant (which spoiler alert, wasn’t that great anymore haha). We met Eric and Heidi for a drink in Minneapolis and then headed to Uptown to see our friend Nelly. Meanwhile Emmett was loving life with Grandma and Grandpa!