Pickle Factory

Our little garden has been out of control with pickling cucumbers! 

It seems like we can’t keep up with how many are growing – who knew they were going to do so well?? It’s been really fun to turn these little cukes into jars of pickles though!

When I was growing up, my neighbor would take us kids to the Farmers Market to buy a bunch of pickling cucumbers. We’d spend a day scrubbing the cucumbers with toothbrushes and water in her garage to clean them and then she’d work her magic and turn them into “Patty’s Pickles”. It was so fun! 

When we moved here, pickles started appearing on all of our plates when we’d go out to dinner. Not the plain old hamburger chip dill pickles, but homemade, sweet, salty, spicy, layers of flavors pickles. My absolute favorite are from this awesome BBQ place, Swig and Swine. You can even just get a jar of their pickles veggies as an appetizer. So good!

I picked up this spice packet from the Farmers Market with hopes of creating the same sweet/spicy pickle combo from Swig and Swine at home.

Ding ding ding! It worked! Or at least it’s pretty darn close. I use this recipe as my template. Instead of using the spices they list (the mustard seeds, celery seeds and tumeric) I use equal parts of our spice mix. We omit the red onions and reduce the sugar to a little less than half a cup but still include the garlic, red pepper and salt. Since this recipe is for refrigerator pickles, there’s no need for a fancy canner! You just store them in your fridge for a couple months. And if you make too many for your fridge, you just bring the extras over to your neighbors!

As you can see, we also did a jar of pickles beans (also from our garden). Verdict’s still out on that one…

We have made dill pickles too using this recipe. They are good too but not as special as the sweet/spicy version. Seriously, people have been raving about them!

Now if only we could think of a clever name for these…


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