Weekend Recap

Despite such a sad weekend in the news (what is going on with our world??) my little family had a really fun weekend. 

On Friday night after a long and busy week, Ryan and I went out on a much-needed date while Emmett played with Becca and Kelly (we are so thankful for them!) We had dinner downtown at Pan E Vino and had some delicious pasta out on their beautiful patio. 

Followed by my favorite dessert: Jeni’s Ice Cream! I had two of their seasonal flavors: Atlantic Beach Pie and Sweet Cream Biscuits and Peach Jam. Holy YUM. 

On Saturday we made Emmett’s dreams come true: we took him to a kids drum circle. He couldn’t have loved it more! It was so cute to see him so in to it. He was one of the only kids who brought his own drumsticks! Haha!

(That’s Emmett and his friend Ramona! Mona was more interested in eating French fries than drumming haha)

I hit the 22 week mark this weekend! Baby boy was loving the drum circle too!

Today we set up camp at the beach with some other families and spent the whole day playing in the water and soaking up the sun. 

There are tidal pools that are perfect for little kids to play in and Emmett was loving it today!

We came home and grilled up some chicken and whipped together this yummy mayo-free potato salad

Now the boys are already sleeping (it’s not even 7pm!) and I’m doing laundry and admiring my pretty pink flowers that are blooming.

Hope you had a nice weekend too! 

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