20 Weeks

A couple things first…

1. I’m missing my niece Nora’s baptism in MN today and I’m feeling all šŸ˜©šŸ˜©šŸ˜©. Times like these make it really hard to live away from family! And those sweet pictures of her in her baptism dress my mom is sending doesn’t make it any easier.

2. The reason I couldn’t be in MN this weekend is because Eric (Ryan’s brother) and his wife Heidi are coming in to town today! Yay!! But we are currently in a tropical storm and it’s been raining for the past two days (boo!!). Really hoping it’s going to clear up for the next couple days so we can do Memorial-Weekend type things like BBQ, swim in the pool, hit the beach etc.

In other news – I hit the 20 week mark today with this pregnancy already! Time is flying by and we find out the gender on Wednesday!!

I’m definitely bigger, faster, this time around. Pretty sure I didn’t look like this with Emmett until 6 months. I’m physically feeling great but I feel like I’m more emotional this pregnancy (probably because I have a toddler to take care of). 

I’m craving tons of fruit and sweets and really really want a glass of wine haha. 

I think the ultra sound is going to show another boy on Wednesday. What do you think? 

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