An Update

Today has been a MUCH better day! Emmett slept in this morning, I took a real shower, and now he’s taking a good nap. Our house is still a disaster, it’s still kind of hot, but me and this little cutie had a fun day together. 

We started our day off at Toddler Time at the Rec Center (the last one before they stop for the summer! Waaaahhhh!) where Emmett taught himself how to climb the bleachers.

We came home for lunch and hid out in the guest room to stay away from the construction. Emmett snuggled up to his favorite pillow (Chance) and watched Sesame Street. 

He almost fell asleep like that which would have been so cute because Chance was zonked out and snoring. 

We just got back from a little park at Folly Beach where Emmett was able to run and ware himself out. 

He’s been drooling a ton today and a lot less crabby, so maybe he’s just getting another tooth? Who knows. I’m just happy my sweet baby was back today! Sorry for complaining yesterday 🙂

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