I almost just bought a book off Amazon called Toddlers are A$$ Holes but It’s Not Your Fault. The rest of my family is over at the neighbors’ drinking on the porch while I’m sitting at home being crabby. Let’s just say It’s been a tough week. 

Emmett hasn’t had a bottle since last Thursday. And in protest, he also hasn’t had any milk since last Thursday. He drinks water out of a sippy cup but when I put milk in there, he throws the cup (often at me). I’ve tried regular milk, almond milk, even chocolate milk. He won’t do it. As a result, he is so so whiny. And it’s driving me crazy. When he used to whine, we’d just give him a bottle and it was all over! I know it wasn’t the right thing to do but damn, was that method easy. But it sure backfired. Now we’re at almost 16 months old and my sweet, easy going boy is throwing a fit at least every hour about something. And it’s wearing me out! (Remember how I’m 5 months pregnant? Sometimes I’m running around so much that I forget). 

Other reasons that I’m being crabby tonight:

1. Our air conditioning is out and it’s hot

2. Since Ryan is working on getting the HVAC fixed…

A. Our house is SO messy and dirty

B. It’s so loud that Emmett can’t sleep. He maybe napped for half the time that he normally does. 

C. Because our house is a construction zone, Emmett and I have to leave the house all day.

D. Because our house is so hot, we don’t want to cook anything. As a result I am starving right now despite the fact that I had 4 (!) Krispie Kreme donuts and a frappuccino today. Don’t worry, we just decided to order a pizza. And I feel disgusting. 

I know these are all “first world problems” but it’s my blog and I can write about what I want 🙂

Here’s to tomorrow being a better day! 

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