Favorite Words

Feeling especially grateful today for all of the great mamas and their sweet babies I’ve met here in Charleston. Between going away parties, splash pad meet ups and a moms and babies hiking group I tried out this morning, we’ve had so many opportunities in just the past couple days to play and connect with families just like ours. 

My biggest advice for new moms is to take advantage of this excuse to meet new people! A baby is always a great ice breaker with people you don’t know and I’ve found that so many new moms like me are thrilled to have a new mommy friend! Go to the library for Storytime, sign up for a music class, talk to the mom at the park with a baby…you’ll feel so good about the connections you’re making. It makes you feel like a real person again! And the play dates will wear your baby out which is just the best bonus! 

(He fell asleep last night with his hand in the snack container on the way home from a party. Sometimes you really want goldfish but you just can’t keep your little eyes open any longer!)

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