Memorial Weekend

We had such a fun weekend with Eric and Heidi here! We dodged the rain and spent a lot of time relaxing at home, playing cribbage, hitting up Folly Beach for some live music in between rain showers, and eating lunch downtown. 

Emmett sure loves his Auntie and Uncle! 

20 Weeks

A couple things first…

1. I’m missing my niece Nora’s baptism in MN today and I’m feeling all ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ. Times like these make it really hard to live away from family! And those sweet pictures of her in her baptism dress my mom is sending doesn’t make it any easier.

2. The reason I couldn’t be in MN this weekend is because Eric (Ryan’s brother) and his wife Heidi are coming in to town today! Yay!! But we are currently in a tropical storm and it’s been raining for the past two days (boo!!). Really hoping it’s going to clear up for the next couple days so we can do Memorial-Weekend type things like BBQ, swim in the pool, hit the beach etc.

In other news – I hit the 20 week mark today with this pregnancy already! Time is flying by and we find out the gender on Wednesday!!

I’m definitely bigger, faster, this time around. Pretty sure I didn’t look like this with Emmett until 6 months. I’m physically feeling great but I feel like I’m more emotional this pregnancy (probably because I have a toddler to take care of). 

I’m craving tons of fruit and sweets and really really want a glass of wine haha. 

I think the ultra sound is going to show another boy on Wednesday. What do you think? 

An Update

Today has been a MUCH better day! Emmett slept in this morning, I took a real shower, and now he’s taking a good nap. Our house is still a disaster, it’s still kind of hot, but me and this little cutie had a fun day together. 

We started our day off at Toddler Time at the Rec Center (the last one before they stop for the summer! Waaaahhhh!) where Emmett taught himself how to climb the bleachers.

We came home for lunch and hid out in the guest room to stay away from the construction. Emmett snuggled up to his favorite pillow (Chance) and watched Sesame Street. 

He almost fell asleep like that which would have been so cute because Chance was zonked out and snoring. 

We just got back from a little park at Folly Beach where Emmett was able to run and ware himself out. 

He’s been drooling a ton today and a lot less crabby, so maybe he’s just getting another tooth? Who knows. I’m just happy my sweet baby was back today! Sorry for complaining yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚


I almost just bought a book off Amazon called Toddlers are A$$ Holes but It’s Not Your Fault. The rest of my family is over at the neighbors’ drinking on the porch while I’m sitting at home being crabby. Let’s just say It’s been a tough week. 

Emmett hasn’t had a bottle since last Thursday. And in protest, he also hasn’t had any milk since last Thursday. He drinks water out of a sippy cup but when I put milk in there, he throws the cup (often at me). I’ve tried regular milk, almond milk, even chocolate milk. He won’t do it. As a result, he is so so whiny. And it’s driving me crazy. When he used to whine, we’d just give him a bottle and it was all over! I know it wasn’t the right thing to do but damn, was that method easy. But it sure backfired. Now we’re at almost 16 months old and my sweet, easy going boy is throwing a fit at least every hour about something. And it’s wearing me out! (Remember how I’m 5 months pregnant? Sometimes I’m running around so much that I forget). 

Other reasons that I’m being crabby tonight:

1. Our air conditioning is out and it’s hot

2. Since Ryan is working on getting the HVAC fixed…

A. Our house is SO messy and dirty

B. It’s so loud that Emmett can’t sleep. He maybe napped for half the time that he normally does. 

C. Because our house is a construction zone, Emmett and I have to leave the house all day.

D. Because our house is so hot, we don’t want to cook anything. As a result I am starving right now despite the fact that I had 4 (!) Krispie Kreme donuts and a frappuccino today. Don’t worry, we just decided to order a pizza. And I feel disgusting. 

I know these are all “first world problems” but it’s my blog and I can write about what I want ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s to tomorrow being a better day! 

Favorite Words

Feeling especially grateful today for all of the great mamas and their sweet babies I’ve met here in Charleston. Between going away parties, splash pad meet ups and a moms and babies hiking group I tried out this morning, we’ve had so many opportunities in just the past couple days to play and connect with families just like ours. 

My biggest advice for new moms is to take advantage of this excuse to meet new people! A baby is always a great ice breaker with people you don’t know and I’ve found that so many new moms like me are thrilled to have a new mommy friend! Go to the library for Storytime, sign up for a music class, talk to the mom at the park with a baby…you’ll feel so good about the connections you’re making. It makes you feel like a real person again! And the play dates will wear your baby out which is just the best bonus! 

(He fell asleep last night with his hand in the snack container on the way home from a party. Sometimes you really want goldfish but you just can’t keep your little eyes open any longer!)

Chris Stapleton

Bec and Kelly sweetly babysat Em last night so Ryan and I could go see our fave Chris Stapleton in concert.

It was a gorgeous night for an outdoor show and Chris’ voice is phenomenal live! He sings with his wife Morgane and I have a huge girl crush on her. Aka: I want to be her. If you’ve never heard of Chris Stapleton check out the songs Tennesee Whisky, Fire Away, Traveller, or Chris and Morgane’s version of You Are My Sunshine. They are my favorites!

The only thing that could have made my night a little better was if I could have drank a beer during the concert, haha!

School’s Out For Summer

Today was Emmett’s last day of school and I’m overly emotional about it (thanks pregnancy)! Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday that it was his first day? I think I’m so sad about it because I loved his teachers so much. I was never worried about dropping Emmett off because I knew he was learning, having fun and getting loved on every day. Here’s a picture I took of Emmett and his sweet teachers, Miss Pam and Miss Monica today!

Yesterday they sent him home with these cute crafts that they helped him make…

And a photo album of photos they took this year with gems like this:

We celebrated his last day of school by dining al fresco when we got home ๐Ÿ™‚

Bye bye Infant Room! See ya in the fall big kid room!


Dad dressed Emmett this morning and he looked like a little 60 year old Florida retiree at the doctor’s office this morning. And the nurses freaking loved it. Dad wins again!

This kid weighs 24 pounds and is 30 inches tall (still pretty short!) He had to have two shots today, including a  chicken pox vaccine! Who knew that was a thing? He wasn’t so happy at the doctor but he’s sure happy now!


I won a family membership to the South Carolina Aquarium this week (yay!) so we took Emmett there this morning. He loved running around and was especially interested in the birds. It’s not a huge aquarium but we really liked it! Especially because we get to go there for a year for free! 

At the end of our visit we decided to try watching the 4D Ice Age movie they were playing. It was Emmett’s first time in a theater and he did really well (despite the scary dinosaurs that made other kids cry) but had a melt down when they sprayed water on us that was supposed to simulate a sneeze in the movie.

We’re going to laugh about this for a long time!