Weekend Recap

Happy Monday morning! Hope you had a nice weekend. We have visitors coming this week, so we kept it pretty low key this weekend. On Friday night we watched Spotlight and Brooklyn. I highly recommend both! 

On Saturday morning we started our day off with a delicious breakfast from our local French Bakery, Baguette Magic, and hit up the county park to let E run around. He is so brave on the playground now! Just climbs right up, runs around, and goes down the slide head first! We had some new friends and their little girl (who is a month older than Emmett) over for dinner Saturday night. We grilled pizzas and watched the babies play which is always fun! 

Yesterday wasn’t too exciting either but I got some good reading in out in the warm sunshine while Emmett and Ryan napped. I absolutely loved When Breath Becomes Air.  

I learned a lot, I sobbed at the end – I just couldn’t put it down. It’s a memoir from a neurosurgeon and his understanding of life and death first as a doctor, and then as a terminal cancer patient. 

Emmett and I played in his playroom…

He gave Chance some treats…

And I made some human treats!

Nothing exciting, but a nice weekend with my little family!

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