Brookgreen Gardens

I had the itch to get out of town yesterday and explore some place new so I packed up my family and made them drive 2 hours to Murrells Inlet to Brookgreen Gardens! In case you’re wondering where the heck Murrells Inlet is, here’s a map:

The rain was supposed to clear up by the time we got there but we spent the first hour walking around their “zoo” in the rain.

I have to put “zoo” in quotation marks because it’s not really the type of zoo we are used to after living in Columbus and visiting their amazing Columbus Zoo so many times. The Brookgreen zoo was about a handful of native South Carolina animals like otters, an alligator, some birds, and some farm animals. Still fun but a little bit of a let-down. 

Between the lack of animals and the rain, I was worried that I had picked a bad spot for our day trip. We waited out the rest of the rain in their Storybook Village, specifically in Snow White’s cottage. 

We grabbed lunch at their restaurant and just as we were about to explore their gardens, the skies cleared up and the sun started shining! Brookgreen Gardens is America’s first sculpture garden. Between the beautiful sculptures and these gorgeous hidden gardens with blooming flowers, Brookgreen is stunning!

Emmett loved walking around the gardens by himself and all of the grandparents on tour groups were just eating him up! Despite a rocky start, I was blown away by the actual gardens at Brookgreen. I would definitely recommend visiting if you’re ever in the area! 




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