Swim Lessons

As of yesterday, Emmett completed week 1 of 5 of his swim lessons! We are doing the Infant Swimming Resource Program so it’s a little bit different than your normal swim lessons. They are 1:1 lessons with the instructor for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks. These swim lessons are meant to teach babies how to flip and float on their back if they were to fall in the pool. Since we have a pool and a pond in our backyard, and because we spend a lot of time at the beach, it’s so important to us that Emmett learn how to save himself if something were to happen. 

So far Emmett’s not loving swim lessons but they prepped me for his tears so I wasn’t surprised that he cries through the whole 10 minutes. It’s a new experience with someone he doesn’t know and he is pushed to learn a skill he hasn’t mastered yet! He doesn’t know how to talk so obviously he’s going to cry about it a little. I know he’s okay though because he is all smiles in the locker room getting ready…

And as soon as the lesson is over and he gets out of the pool he immediately stops crying…

Takes a cookie from the instructor and smiles. Little stinker!

It’s so exciting to see Emmett’s skills improve! If you’re curious about ISR check out some of their videos on Facebook or YouTube. It’s amazing what these babies are able to learn in 5 weeks! 

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