Blessing of the Fleet

We decided to take advantage of this gorgeous Sunday and head to the Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park for the Blessing of the Fleet! It’s a celebration to send off the shrimp boats into the shrimping season with prayers and good wishes. 

Emmett had no problem making friends and pushing his way up to the railing to wait for the boat parade.

After the blessing, we grabbed some Italian Ices and found a spot on the grass to listen to a great band. 

Such a perfect Charleston Sunday! 

Water Babies

Em’s teacher sent me this picture of the babies playing with water yesterday at school. So.dang.cute!

Look at all of those chubby baby rolls! 

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday morning! Hope you had a nice weekend. We have visitors coming this week, so we kept it pretty low key this weekend. On Friday night we watched Spotlight and Brooklyn. I highly recommend both! 

On Saturday morning we started our day off with a delicious breakfast from our local French Bakery, Baguette Magic, and hit up the county park to let E run around. He is so brave on the playground now! Just climbs right up, runs around, and goes down the slide head first! We had some new friends and their little girl (who is a month older than Emmett) over for dinner Saturday night. We grilled pizzas and watched the babies play which is always fun! 

Yesterday wasn’t too exciting either but I got some good reading in out in the warm sunshine while Emmett and Ryan napped. I absolutely loved When Breath Becomes Air.  

I learned a lot, I sobbed at the end – I just couldn’t put it down. It’s a memoir from a neurosurgeon and his understanding of life and death first as a doctor, and then as a terminal cancer patient. 

Emmett and I played in his playroom…

He gave Chance some treats…

And I made some human treats!

Nothing exciting, but a nice weekend with my little family!

Emmett at 14 months

Once Emmett turned one I decided to stop doing the monthly updates because I just knew I was never going to keep up with them. He’s been learning so much though and has all of these funny quirks that I thought I’d write a little post about what he’s like now, at 14 months old! Here are the current things he’s loving: 

1. Reading “If I were a Monkey”

 Auntie Becca gave him this touch and feel book for his birthday and he just loves it!

2. Eating PB&J


I’ve introduced Emmett to the amazingness of peanut butter and jelly and he’s a huge fan.

3. Listening to the Okee Dokee Brothers station on Pandora

He starts swaying and smiling as soon as we turn them on! Luckily for me, it’s kids music that sounds folky/bluegrassy so it’s not annoying at all! 

4. Playing with balls

His absolute favorite thing to do right now is play fetch with himself all over the house. He’ll throw a ball (he has a good arm!) and then chase it so he can throw it again. He’ll even practice throwing when he doesn’t have a ball in his hand, haha! The only downside is now he throws everything. Including his food.

Other funny things that he does:

-He learned to climb up on the chair and always seems to do it right when Wheel of Fortune is starting so he can get a close look.

-He loves taking pop cans out of the pantry and carrys them around. The other day he put a can of ginger ale in the toilet.

-He loves to bring people their shoes. It’s especially funny to watch him bring a pair of Ryan’s heavy shoes to him at once time – one in each hand!

-He learned how to reach the light switch from his crib so it’s funny to look at him on the monitor in the morning and he’s standing up with the lights on. 

-He still drinks milk out of his bottle in the morning and before he goes to bed but we’ve pretty much cut all bottles out during the day so I guess that’s a step in the right direction!

I think that’s it for now! It is so fun to watch him play and develop into such a content, brave, thoughtful kid (and not really a baby anymore!)


Cinnamon Sugar Baked Donuts

This morning started out pretty rough. Emmett decided he should get up at 6:30. Ryan decided he should sing in the loudest voice possible. Doesn’t anyone around here understand what Sunday morning means?? Sleeping in! At least until 7am. Please. 

After being grumpy for a little while we used this Face Swapping App on Emmett and Ryan which made me laugh for a good 15 minutes. 

My coffee kicked in and I decided to bake something. Behold, Ina Garten’s Cinnamon Sugar Baked Donuts

Holy moly, I thought these were delicious. And easy! All ingredients I already had in my pantry. If you don’t have a donut pan, I’m sure you could use a muffin pan and get the same tasting results. Strangely enough, Ryan had a dream about mini donuts the other day and even though these aren’t fried donuts, I really think they tasted pretty dang close to mini donuts! 

(Don’t be fooled, this was just one of three donuts I ate. Oops.)

This little bugger loved them too!

Not the healthiest thing I could feed him, but they’re BAKED people and it’s Sunday morning. Sunday mornings are meant for delicious breakfasts. And sleeping in. Well, I guess one out of two ain’t bad. 

Enjoy your day! 

Brookgreen Gardens

I had the itch to get out of town yesterday and explore some place new so I packed up my family and made them drive 2 hours to Murrells Inlet to Brookgreen Gardens! In case you’re wondering where the heck Murrells Inlet is, here’s a map:

The rain was supposed to clear up by the time we got there but we spent the first hour walking around their “zoo” in the rain.

I have to put “zoo” in quotation marks because it’s not really the type of zoo we are used to after living in Columbus and visiting their amazing Columbus Zoo so many times. The Brookgreen zoo was about a handful of native South Carolina animals like otters, an alligator, some birds, and some farm animals. Still fun but a little bit of a let-down. 

Between the lack of animals and the rain, I was worried that I had picked a bad spot for our day trip. We waited out the rest of the rain in their Storybook Village, specifically in Snow White’s cottage. 

We grabbed lunch at their restaurant and just as we were about to explore their gardens, the skies cleared up and the sun started shining! Brookgreen Gardens is America’s first sculpture garden. Between the beautiful sculptures and these gorgeous hidden gardens with blooming flowers, Brookgreen is stunning!

Emmett loved walking around the gardens by himself and all of the grandparents on tour groups were just eating him up! Despite a rocky start, I was blown away by the actual gardens at Brookgreen. I would definitely recommend visiting if you’re ever in the area! 



Swim Lessons

As of yesterday, Emmett completed week 1 of 5 of his swim lessons! We are doing the Infant Swimming Resource Program so it’s a little bit different than your normal swim lessons. They are 1:1 lessons with the instructor for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks. These swim lessons are meant to teach babies how to flip and float on their back if they were to fall in the pool. Since we have a pool and a pond in our backyard, and because we spend a lot of time at the beach, it’s so important to us that Emmett learn how to save himself if something were to happen. 

So far Emmett’s not loving swim lessons but they prepped me for his tears so I wasn’t surprised that he cries through the whole 10 minutes. It’s a new experience with someone he doesn’t know and he is pushed to learn a skill he hasn’t mastered yet! He doesn’t know how to talk so obviously he’s going to cry about it a little. I know he’s okay though because he is all smiles in the locker room getting ready…

And as soon as the lesson is over and he gets out of the pool he immediately stops crying…

Takes a cookie from the instructor and smiles. Little stinker!

It’s so exciting to see Emmett’s skills improve! If you’re curious about ISR check out some of their videos on Facebook or YouTube. It’s amazing what these babies are able to learn in 5 weeks!