Weekend Recap

Happy Monday morning! It’s gorgeous in Charleston today. Babygarten wore Emmett out this morning so while he takes a nap, I thought I’d share what we did this weekend through pictures!

On Saturday morning, Emmett and I met Louie and his mom Danielle at the Children’s Museum. 

We came home and Emmett played with Chance…

While I tried to fold laundry. Emmett helped by unfolding all of the clean clothes and putting them on the dog.

I broke out the Easter decorations and did a little house organizing while Emmett finally napped.

We spend a lot of time at Home Depot this weekend…


 Because we are working on getting our garden ready…


And we are putting the playroom together! It’s not totally done, but here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorite parts!

Emmett loves all of this new space to run around in and I love not having all of his toys in my living room! 

Hope you had a nice, productive weekend too!


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